10 Most Haunted Places to Visit in America

Can you brave these sites?

It's Friday the 13th and it's Halloween season, so this is the perfect time to plan your visit to these haunted spots and test out your ghost hunting skills! Even if you're not an up-an-coming paranormal investigator, but enjoy history and getting the heebie jeebies, then you're guaranteed to love each of these spooktacular locales. For those of you that do brave any of these haunted hotspots, be sure to tag us in photos of your adventure and let us know in the comments how creeped out you got during your visit!


1) Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Weston, West Virginia


The Asylum opened its doors in 1864 and was designed to house 250 patients. However, by the 1950s, it was holding 2,400 patients in crowded and often squalid conditions. Additionally, the facility practiced rather barbaric forms of "treatment" including lobotomies and electro-shock therapy. The Asylum finally closed in 1994, but while it was open, hundreds of patients died inside the facility. Since closing, visitors and ghost hunters alike have reported apparitions and shadowy figures being sighted roaming the halls of the former mental hospital.

How to Visit: In October, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum offers ghost tours, ghost hunts, and flashlight tours. You can even attend the costumed Asylum Ball this month. Otherwise, the Asylum offers historical day tours throughout the week, Tuesdays through Sundays.

2) Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The prison first opened in 1829, and is considered one of the most haunted places in the world. The gothic style prison was the first in America to implement solitary confinement: prisoners faces were covered when they were being moved, and they even had them wear specific masks for work duty that were so heavy prisoners couldn't communicate with each other while wearing them. The solitude drove many to madness and led to high numbers of suicide within the prison. Throughout the years, the prison experimented with different varieties of "reform" on their captives, most of which involved bizarre forms of punishment and torture.

After finally closing its doors in 1971, the prison is believed to be haunted by many of the tortured souls that were trapped within its walls - with numerous accounts of apparitions skulking the corridors and voices whispering behind cell blocks having been reported throughout the years.

How to Visit: Eastern State Penitentiary is open for tours 7 days a week, throughout the year. ALSO, in the fall, they transform in the evenings into a terrifying haunted house inside the prison called Terror Behind the Wall and you can get your extra spooks by purchasing your tickets for that adventure!

3) The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado


Oh, yes, the very hotel that inspired and was filmed in for Stephen King's The Shining can check you in as a guest! The beautiful hotel, which is rather isolated in mountains and wilderness of, was opened in 1909 by the couple Flora and F.O. Stanley. According to guest, staff, ghost hunter accounts, and lore - the couple still remain at the hotel. Numerous reports have been made of guests waking up to having their bags unpacked, hearing children's laughter, and lights going off and on. Apparently, F.O. Stanley will make an appearance in photographs taken by guests in the hotel, while Flora Stanley can sometimes be heard playing the piano in the music room at night.

How to Visit: The hotel offers daytime tours as well as ghost tours for those looking for chills. For the especially daring, you can book a stay at the Stanley. And for the month of October, there are special events such as a Murder Mystery Dinner, The Shining Ball, and Halloween Masquerade Party!

4) Villisca Axe Murder House - Villisca, Iowa


On this quiet street, an entire family of eight was brutally slain in the night while in their house in 1912. The murderer or murderers were never caught, and it is believed that the Moore family (as well as the two Stillinger girls who were spending the night), who justice was never found for, haven't left their home. Psychics and ghost hunters alike have have reported strong paranormal presences within the house, as well as reports of moving objects, furniture breaking, and children's voices being heard. Find out for yourself!

How to Visit: Daytime tours are available daily Tuesdays through Sundays. Or for those seeking thrills and chills, overnight tours are available for groups. After being given the walk-through, you and your group are left with the key to the house and to stay the night at your own peril!

5) Myrtles Plantation - St. Francisville, Louisiana


Heralded as one of America's most haunted homes, the Myrtles Plantation is a centuries old home with mayhem, murder, and mystery under its roof. Thought to be built on an ancient Native American burial ground, that's already going to build on some bad juju...literally. While it is said that there are at least twelve ghosts that haunt Myrtles Plantation, perhaps the most well known spirit is that of Chloe - a young former slave. As the story goes, Chloe was caught eavesdropping by her master so he cut off her ear. Seeking revenge, she poisoned a cake which killed two of her master's daughters. Chloe was later hung, but apparently she still spends her time roaming around the plantation….

How to Visit: The Myrtles Plantation offers Daily Mystery Tours to explore the plantation and learn more about some of its history and intrigue. For those who are looking for some extra spook, Evening Mystery Tours are also available after sunset - but definitely make your reservation ahead of time!

6) Whaley House - San Diego, California


Continuing with the theme of building property on land with negative energy: the house the built on the site of one of San Diego's most famous public executions. That didn't stop Thomas Whaley from purchasing the land in 1855 and moving his family into the home he built by 1857. Not long after, misfortune hit the family: their 18 month old son, Thomas, passed away. Years later, their daughter Violet took her own life in the house. Over time, most of the Whaley family that lived in the house, died there, as well. The house was eventually converted and preserved into a historical site and museum - but there have been frequent experiences by staff, visitors, and paranormal experts in the house including sightings of Thomas Whaley, Violet, Anna, as well as baby Thomas!

How to Visit: The Whaley House offers both daytime tours as well as private after-hours tours that start after 10pm - good luck!

7) Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Midlothian, Illinois


One of the most notorious cemeteries in the country, Bachelor's Grove may only have 82 plots, but it's seen countless deaths. Established in 1840, the cemetery and surrounding area were soon abandoned and many of the plots were left unused. The area became infamous, however, when it was used as a popular dumping ground for Chicago's crime families in the 1920s and 30s. While there have been many specter sightings, the mascot of the cemetery, so to speak, is the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove. This lady in white has been spotted by many visitors over the years, and is often seen sitting atop a tombstone staring out towards the forest.

How to Visit: The cemetery is accessible to the public during the daytime, but guarded at night, so trespassers beware!

8) Bird Cage Theater - Tombstone, Arizona


After opening its doors in 1877, this once gambling hall, saloon, and brothel encapsulated the true Wild, Wild West. Even the New York Times lauded the Bird Cage as "the roughest, bawdiest, and most wicked night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast." While the Bird Cage may no longer be the rough and tumble saloon it once was, it is now infamous as being one of the most haunted spots in the United States. More than twenty-six people died by either knife or gun fight here, and the walls are literally still riddled with bullet holes - over 140 to be exact.

Apparently, the party hasn't ever died at the Bird Cage Theater, with employees and visitors reporting experiences with being touched or pushed, and ghostly sightings of both cowboys and prostitutes. Additionally, there have been numerous accounts of people hearing music, shouting, and laughter coming from the Theater late at night -- some spirits know how to have a good time, even in the afterlife!

How to Visit: The Bird Cage Theater is open for daily self-guided tours. They also offer Ghost Tours nightly, including a complete lights out portion of the tour for our amateur paranormal investigators!

9) Florida Theatre - Jacksonville, Florida


The theatre first opened in 1927 as a movie theatre, and its stunning art-deco architecture and decor transports you back into the beauty of the 20's in one of Florida's first theater "palaces." While there have been many reports of patrons and employees seeing ghosts or hearing humming sounds, the most notorious figure of the Florida Theatre is the man in the balcony. Thought to have been a former employee from when the Theater first opened, this man continues to keep watch over his beloved theater and has even been spotted waving. Look for him in his favorite seat in the balcony -- section 500, seat E2!

How to Visit: The Florida Theatre is open to the public, so you can visit year round! Check the events section of their website for occasional paranormal tours, or just visit yourself and if you're brave, see you can venture onto the balcony and perhaps you'll get a visit from the theater's most famous ghost!

10) RMS Queen Mary - Long Beach, California


The RMS Queen Mary was built and served as a luxury ocean liner from 1936-1967, and she hosted plenty of celebrity guests of the day including Clark Gable and Winston Churchill. Once WWII broke, she served a stint as a war ship and was transformed from her luxury garb to be painted grey and nicknamed the "Grey Ghost" while she helped ferry soldiers to the frontlines of battle. At war's end, the ship was changed once again to a luxury liner and later purchased by the city of Long Beach, where the Queen Mary is now docked and serves as a hotel.

However, the history of the RMS Queen Mary isn't perfect, there are records of nearly fifty deaths aboard the ship. Those who've visited the ship, from employees and guests to paranormal investigators and psychics, have reported plenty of paranormal activity throughout the years. Many have experienced slamming doors, knocking, lights going out, hearing children, and feeling the temperature suddenly drop. While others have also seen and had encounters with some of the ship's many ghostly guests, the most notorious being a former crew member who was crushed to death by a watertight door, children who allegedly drowned in the pool, and a woman in white who stays in one of the luxury suites and likes to dance!

How to Visit: Since the RMS Queen Mary is now a hotel, you can book your stay aboard the ship and have your own spirited adventure! Have a special event coming up? You can reserve the Queen Mary all to yourself, if you please. The ship also offers Daytime Tours that you can book, and for our thrill seekers: Evening Haunted Tours are also available! Additionally, during Halloween season, the Queen Mary transforms into the Dark Harbor offering the ship as a haunted house of sorts with terrifying mazes and scares around every corner designed specifically to test even the bravest of ghost hunters!

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Seattle, Washington is a rainy, coffee-fueled, coastal town often referred to as the "Emerald City."

Located against the ecological wonderland of Puget Sound, this cosmopolitan, seaside city is a mishmash of arts, culture, history, nature, and, of course, cloudy weather. Thanks to its proximity to nature, its greenery, and its culturally rich, big-city atmosphere, the city is becoming increasingly popular, both for tourists and those looking for a change of scenery.

The Big Stops: Tourist Seattle

If you only have a few days to visit Seattle, you'll probably want to check out the area's most famous attractions.

For nature lovers and summit-chasers, there's the imposing, wildflower-shrouded Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainierthebesttravelplaces.com

Mt. Rainier

For foodies, there's the popular Pike Place Market, a giant patchwork of food-sellers and friendly chaos where you can purchase everything from giant crabs' legs to bottomless amounts of coffee (more on that later).

Pike Place Marketseattle.eater.com

And finally, there's the iconic Space Needle and the Sky View Observatory, which will give you extraordinary views of the city.

Space Needlegetyourguide.com

Seattle Arts and Museums

For arts and culture lovers, Seattle has plenty to cut your teeth on. Don't miss the Chihuly Garden and Glass, a collection of extraordinary blown-glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly.

Chihuly Gardensfodors.com

Chihuly Gardens

For art, there's the giant Seattle Art Museum Downtown. Seattle also offers the Museum of Pop Culture, a nonprofit that features all your favorite icons from history, and plenty of other options.

Museum of Pop Culturesmithsonianmag.org

For some history, there's the Klondike Gold Rush Museum, which commemorates Seattle's history as a gold rush hub.

There are plenty of quirky attractions—like the giant Fremont Troll, the 18-foot sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood that cuts an imposing figure.

Fremont Trollsillyamerica.com

You could also take in the city from a boat—marine enthusiasts might enjoy visiting to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks to explore the history of this port city.

Seattle, of course, also has a gritty underground side—you may know the city from its time at the heart of the '90s grunge movement.

It also has a long, storied history that has left more than a few scars. You can literally see its underground through one of its underground tours, which will take you on a walk through the "buried city," the remnants left over from before the Great Fire of 1889.

Seattle Undergroundpinterest

Natural Wonders

Seattle is notorious for its natural wonders. For a close-up view, there's the Seattle Aquarium, a marine experience that showcases the best of what Puget Sound has to offer.

For more exposure to the beauty of Seattle's nature, try the Washington Park Arboretum, a 230-acre showcase of Seattle's wetlands and natural wonders.

Washington Park Arboretumtriposo.com

You might also pay a visit to the Alki Beach for some time with the ocean waves.

Alki BeachMetropolitangardens.blogspot.com

Or consider taking a more exhaustive adventure to Discovery Park, a giant and labyrinthine natural park at the edge of Puget Sound.

Discovery Parktrip savvy.com

Food and Drink

Food tours are also popular options for those who want to get more intimate with the city's cuisine, and Seattle is often ranked as one of the best cities for foodies.

It's also a great place for coffee-heads. You might also pay a visit to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, AKA Ultimate Starbucks, a tasting room that features a coffee library amongst other treats for coffee addicts.

Sarbucks Reserve Roasterydesigner.com

Moving to Seattle

If you're planning on moving to Seattle, locals say there's a few things you should know. First off, it is most definitely overcast the majority of the time, though the rain is rather like a mist. That makes the rare sunny day shine even more, though, locals say, in addition to fostering natural abundance.

The city is generally very congested with traffic, which can be noisy, though it offers great public transportation options, from buses to rail—regardless, you'll want to get an Orca Card for that.

Like every city, Seattle has a number of diverse and charismatic neighborhoods. For example, there's the beachy, more laid-back West Seattle.

West SeattleWest Seattle

There's the vibrant Capitol Hill, a hub of arts, culture, tech bros, and nightlife (during non-COVID times).

There's the historic and artsy Pioneer Square, featuring plenty of museums, shops, galleries, and pubs.

Pioneer Square SeattleExpedia

Fremont is a more bohemian area. Belltown is a trendy waterfront neighborhood that's close to everything.

In general, Seattle residents love the city for its proximity to nature, from beaches to glaciers, and its abundance of arts and cultural attractions. As Kimberly Kinrade said, "Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it." Residents dislike the steep cost of housing and all things that come from rising prices, including the city's large homeless population.

In general, the city is known as environmentally conscious, liberal, and dog-loving. The people are often referred to as nice but possibly a bit standoffish and cold (the "Seattle Freeze" is when you make plans to hang out and then bail, which is apparently very common). The rain can certainly get depressing, but the proximity to nature helps.

Remember, if you do happen to move: umbrellas are dead giveaways for tourists.

What's your favorite part about Seattle? What did we leave out? Let us know at @thejourniest on Twitter!


Weed World Candies Exist to Prey on Gullible Tourists

Weed is still illegal in New York, but scamming tourists is not.

You wouldn't know it walking around midtown Manhattan, but marijuana is still illegal in New York.

It does seem strange to think that perhaps the most metropolitan city in the US would be lagging behind so many other parts of the country that have legalized possession, production, and sale of cannabis and THC products, but it's true.

New York's decriminalization of marijuana has led many smokers to be more brazen with their public consumption in recent years, and Governor Cuomo recently announced plans for limited legalization for recreational use at the state level. But for the time being the sale of products containing THC is still very much illegal.

buy happiness You sure about that?

Adding to the confusion is a company that has sprung up to prey on tourist's uncertainty. Weed World trucks have multiplied at a staggering rate since they first started appearing in Midtown and the Village a few years ago. Easily a dozen RVs and vans now line the tourist-dense streets of Manhattan, advertising Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue, clad in marijuana-leaf decals and occupied by employees who are paid either to be stoned out of their minds, or just to pretend they are.

With eyes nearly in slits and an air of relaxation that suggests that customers are temporary interludes from a permanent nap, they will promise you as much as they can get away with while letting their branding do most of the work. They will sell you four lollipops for $20, which would seem like a great deal if not for the fact that they will not deliver on the strong implication that they'll get you high.

They have a Twitter account where they celebrate the supposed availability of weed and claim to "have New York locked down." They'll even sell you vape cartridges that advise you to "get medicated," and which are packed with potent doses of… flavor?

weed world truck

An employee once assured me that their candies do contain THC—maybe they wouldn't be so brazenly dishonest today—and in a drunken state I coughed up $5 to test that claim. There is a faint weedy taste to their candies, and you may find trace amounts of CBD inside, but that's it. It's a scam. There is no THC. Nothing that will give their customers the experience they're selling.

Worse than the trucks is the Weed World Candies storefront that opened in midtown in 2019. Just walking past you would swear that people were passing a massive blunt inside.

The smell is unmistakable and overpowering, except that it's fake. Whatever chemical fragrance they pumped onto the street, it was not connected to anyone smoking weed. Inside, the psychedelic wall art complemented shelves lined with suggestive candies and boxes emblazoned with pot leaf insignia.

Whatever the venue, they are all too happy to sell you overpriced hemp products and CBD creams and chocolates made to look like nugs. And if you're a tourist, or a moron like me, you might believe the scam long enough to give them money, but nothing they sell will get you high.

weed world store Hiroki Kittaka

The owners of Weed World, Judah Izrael and Bilal Muhammad—who prefers to go by "Dro Man" or "Doctor Dro"—will defend their products by claiming that they serve to promote legalization and decriminalization efforts by normalizing the idea of public sale of marijuana. But at no point in the purchasing process is the illusion that their candies will get you high broken. At no point are their customers offered literature explaining the mission of Weed World.

On their website's FAQs page, there is no mention of THC or its absence from their products, but the first question, "How much should I eat?" is answered, "It's all based on your tolerance but there's no limit." Tolerance for what? Sugar? The company—which originated in Alabama and has spread to cities around the country—mostly seems like a very profitable way to sell candy to gullible adults.

weed world wall art Nicole Mallete

The best thing I can say in their defense is that one of their trucks was recently busted by police in Saraland, Alabama, with products that "tested positive for marijuana." Assuming this isn't a screw up or deliberate frame-job by the police, it's possible that some of the Weed World trucks are using their faux activism as a front for selling actual drugs. If so, that would be the most honest thing about this company. Until that's confirmed, ignore these trucks and maybe just ask a friend for a hookup.