13 of the Best Songs About Travel

The best music to soundtrack your next trip.

Sometimes, you just have to find solace in the refuge of the road.

Joni Mitchell knew that well. There's nothing quite like fleeing the familiar and plunging yourself into the great wide open, leaving everything you've known for the majestic possibility of a new place. Travel is an excuse to cast off the self you were, to open yourself to a self and a world that could be.

Naturally, music has always gone well with travel. Musicians are creatures of the road, constantly flying from place to place and writing songs on tour buses and in hotel rooms, and these scenes have inspired countless songs. Some are sad and full of longing, while others relish in the freedom of anonymity and the limitlessness of the open sky and the transformations it can catalyze. These songs traverse that spectrum, but all are sure to inspire you to take flight.

1. The Beatles — The Long And Winding Road

This song is cosmically beautiful in its composition and its lyrics, which perfectly describe the way that the thing you're running from while traveling is often the thing you'll seek out in the end.

"Across the Universe" is also the ideal soundtrack for any type of travel (be it mental or physical). Wherever you're going, The Beatles and their lush sonic gold will be there to light your way.


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