Childhood treehouses are filled with years of fond memories.

Nothing beat hanging out high in the sky, up in your own little world. Treehouses made sleepovers more fun, like owning your own kingdom. While we've all outgrown our (now rotting) treehouses, it is possible to relive those glory days. Some will say that staying in a cabin is the most authentic way to camp, but these treehouse hotels will invoke your inner kid, and they're guaranteed to take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Plus, who doesn't like being up in the sky?

The Aviary at Wheatleigh Hotel

Wheatleigh Hotel

For campers wanting a finer, more luxurious touch, The Aviary at Wheatleigh Hotel in Lenox, Massachusetts will have everything you need. From expansive windows to an antique soaking tub and wine cellar, the high-end treehouse is a hot spot for summer tourists–more so than any lame cabins in the area. The Aviary is especially popular because of their weekly barbecue.


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