3 Services To Reach Your 2021 Wellness Goals

Happy New Year to a new you! Although you don't need a new year to upgrade your life, it's a great time to start. Some people like making lofty resolutions, some like choosing a word to live by for the year, and others like to make one specific change to their lifestyle to carry them through the upcoming 365 days.

We're a fan of the third option: making one change that's easy and trackable. The problem with generic resolutions like "eat healthier" are that they don't provide structure or specific steps to follow, which make them hard to maintain. Instead, to help add structure to your goals, we found 3 services (each highlighting a different common New Year's habit) that provide the structure and convenience you need to actually see the results you want. Signing up for something is a real way to make progress and can completely change one aspect of your life.

Here are 3 services to check out that can help you enjoy the happiest, healthiest 2021 you possibly can.

Green Chef

Known as the best meal kit for eating well, Green Chef is one of our favorite subscriptions ever. This certified organic company sends you the ingredients and step-by-step instructions to dish up incredible recipes 3-4 times per week. Everything is delivered right to your door and it's easy to pause, skip or cancel at any time.

It's super affordable for the quality of ingredients, helping you cook tasty recipes like Spicy Middle Eastern Beef Bowls with pearl couscous, roasted zucchini, tomato, dates & feta, Honey-mustard Salmon with smoky roasted rainbow carrots & sautéed broccoli, and Barbecue Chickpea Bowls with kale, cabbage, carrots, sautéed corn & cheddar cheese. Along with their popular "balanced living" plan, they offer keto, paleo, vegan and vegetarian options.

If you're looking to amp up your cooking skills while eating in a more wholesome way, Green Chef is definitely worth it.

Book Of The Month Club

Anyone else feel like they've watched every last episode of every last Netflix series? Then it may be time to get back into reading! We love this service, where you pay a monthly subscription and get to pick a book from 5 new titles each month.

Book Of The Month Club features thrillers, romance, nonfiction, fantasy, memoirs, and more. For a great price, you'll get hardcover books, and some of them are even early releases! If you're looking to reduce screen time, this is a fantastic alternative to nighttime doom scrolling or TV binges.

Nike Training Club

Looking for a personalized home workout app? One of the leading athletic companies makes an app that truly delivers on home workouts.

The Nike Training Club has everything you need from the studio-style classes you've been missing this past year. You'll be surprised how much you can actually do at home, and the app also provides overall wellness tips by experts in nutrition and sleep. Plenty of workouts require zero equipment and some are as short as 7 minutes! So no matter how busy you are, you can always squeeze a little extra movement into your day.

Who knows what 2021 will bring, but if we're in a positive mindset from eating well, reading more, meditating, or working out, we'll be ready for it.

Green Chef is having a sale right now, so if you want to add homemade nutritious meals to your diet a few times a week — and save yourself a great deal of shopping time, cooking time, and money — this is the best place to start.

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