4 Things I Learned While Working From Home

Most of us have finally gotten into the groove of our work from home lifestyles. Who knew you could do many activities under one roof? Working, exercising, sleeping, cleaning...

Okay fine, I'll admit that I may not be doing much of the cleaning part. I've never been great at keeping my home in order and now I'm so overwhelmed with everything else. Not to mention the fact that my apartment has never been used as much as I'm using it now, so it's messier than ever. A lifestyle blog that has become my bible recommended Handy, a platform that connects you with cleaning professionals in your area, so I'm thinking about trying them out.

Being confined to one place for everything has its perks, and you'd be surprised how much you learn about yourself.

Here are 4 things I've learned about myself while working from home:

1. I will actually go to the gym if I don't have to leave my house

I've had an on-off relationship with the gym, but online gyms are much easier to commit to. My new gym does a live stream three times a week and I don't even need any equipment for it, so I've managed to actually do more gym sessions from home than I was doing previously.

2. I'm more productive at work

I always thought that an office environment would be the best for productivity, but I'm getting more work done than ever from home. Being able to sit and work on my own undisturbed has meant I'm able to complete my work so much faster. I do miss the social aspect of the office but I can't complain about my productivity, it's great from home.

3. I still hate cooking

Unfortunately, the cooking from home routine hasn't changed much. I thought that maybe because I was spending more time at home that I'd have more time to cook but that hasn't been the case. I'm still doing the usual batch cooking and getting some takeout. I've signed up for a meal kit to see how it goes so hopefully I can learn more home-cooked recipes.

4. I'm messier than ever!

As I mentioned, my home has been the messiest it's been in a long time. Because it's being used more, it needs to be cleaned more, but I'm as busy as ever and don't have the time or energy, so I looked into Handy.

At first, I was hesitant at the thought of letting someone else into my home at the moment, but Handy has put together the Handy Safety Standard to help promote the health and safety of the customers and professionals who use their platform.

The Pros are required to wear face coverings during bookings and have mandatory daily in-app check-ups to verify they are in good health before claiming a booking. Handy is also constantly communicating the latest CDC health and safety guidance to customers and professionals. Not to mention, Handy vets and background checks all cleaning professionals booked through Handy.

Everything is done online with Handy, you can sign up in minutes and choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly plans across all 7 days a week from 7 am-11 pm. Their plans are super flexible and convenient so you can choose a time on your own schedule, and sometimes you can even book a cleaning Pro as soon as the next day.

Booking through the Handy site is great because you can view ratings and read reviews from previous Handy customers, and then request the cleaner who's best for you. Or Handy can connect you with an available Pro who is ready to take on your job. You can even give your cleaning Pro instructions beforehand, so they know what areas of your home to focus on.

If any issues arise during a booking, Handy has a 24/7 customer service team that will answer your questions or concerns at any hour of the day. Plus they have the Handy Happiness Guarantee which means if you aren't happy with the service you received they will work to make it right.

After reading all of this information, Handy sounded like it could be a great help to me right now, so I decided I'm going to sign up. I'm happy that the bedrooms and bathrooms in my house are going to be taken care of, and they have extra services like cleaning inside the fridge, cabinets, and oven; interior window washing; and laundry, which I can add to my plan later.

Knowing I'll have the Pros to help me keep my house in shape is such a relief. I've managed to do pretty well so far settling into working from home, but I'm happy I'll be getting some help from Handy to help me with the aspect I'm struggling with. I know I'll be even more motivated to get work done and work out if I have a clean space, so a Handy plan is going to have a positive effect on my work from home life.

UPDATE: Handy is offering a limited time discount for our readers! Follow this link today to get a special offer on your first time cleaning plan.