Beer – Our editors have been known to enjoy an ice cold ale, a freshly poured pint, or a honey-colored mug o' draft. We love 'em all – IPAs, craft beers, lagers, ciders, and stouts, ales, and IPAs. And Drizly's our source of all things Brewski.

Drizly's a popular alcohol delivery service that partners with local shops so you can search for the best prices and get what you need without trekking to every liquor store or deli in your neighborhood. Drizly brings your drink of choice to your door in 60 minutes or less.

Faced with a slew of brews, our editors zoned in on the Tri-State Area - That's New York, New Jersey, Connecticut – our Beer-muda Triangle, you might say . . .

Here are our favorite 5:

Cape May Ties The Room Together Stout - (In Cahoots With Left Handed Brewing)

From NJ, Cape May's a medium-bodied, fairly smooth, and creamy stout. We appreciate the hints of coffee and vanilla notes. This is one well-balanced, solid beer.

Fat Orange Cat Brew Baby Kittens NEIPA - Hazy IPA

Hailing from the Nutmeg State, Fat Orange Cat is a lovely pale yellow brew with a relaxed medley of fresh citrus, mango, and pineapple that finishes with a titch of pine and grapefruit. A CT stalwart, this label is to die for!

In case you don't know, IPA is short for India Pale Ale. Within the broader pale ale category, IPA is a hoppy beer style. Hugely popular in England from the early 1800s, it's now a favorite of beer drinkers the world over. IPAs have a lot of history – and a lot of cool, refreshing yumminess.

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Singlecut Softly Spoken Magic Spells - Imperial / Double IPA

This is the Empire State at its best. Singlecut is lightly floral, with clean cereal grain, and a spicy citrus hop. Equally fine at the beach or a garden party. A very pleasant bitterness modulates the sweetness. The label is playfully quirky.

Montauk Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

Montauk is a charming seaside hamlet located in Long Island, and the home of Montauk Hard Seltzer. It's so hip it practically walks out of delis and supermarkets on its own. With good reason. Montauk Hard Seltzer melds the fun and fizz of seltzer with a variety of flavors – Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, Black Cherry, Raspberry Lime. Refreshing? Ya bet.

Brooklyn Lager - Amber / Vienna Lager

Of course Brooklyn would produce a true American classic. Crisp, grainy, hoppy, light, malty their lager is lively, flavorful, and starts conversations.

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