Living in New York is expensive. It's not uncommon to be paying mortgage-level rent for a closet that's shared between 4 people. But if you're just visiting, the city doesn't have to rob you of your hard earned cash. From museums to public parks, there's plenty of budget-friendly opportunities for tourists and locals alike. One of the best ways to enjoy Manhattan on a budget is through its food. It's impossible to create an exhaustive list of affordable eats in NYC – but here are 5 great joints to start with:

Vanessa's Dumpling House

2 Bros Pizza

Mamoun's Falafel

McSorley's Old Ale House

Any Halal Stand

As I said, no list of New York eateries is ever exhaustive, but that's the beauty of the city; it's constantly moving and evolving. So dive in and bon appétit.


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