5 Reasons to Get Hopsy for the Beer Lover in Your Life

I love discovering new craft brews, but when it comes to getting fresh-from-the-tap beer in my apartment, options are somewhat limited: either get five of my buddies to help roll a keg down the street, or snag a Growler and hope it doesn't break or go stale before I actually get to enjoy it. That's why I was pumped when my wife got me a countertop draft machine and monthly beer subscription from Hopsy, a new delivery service offering beer on tap from the convenience of your couch.

Got a beer lover in your life? Here's why you need to make Hopsy your next gift.

It's convenient

Hopsy makes it easy to enjoy your favorite seasonal, IPA, specialty and imported beers at home. Their home tap machine is a state-of-the-art draft system that's small enough to fit on your kitchen counter, even in a studio apartment like mine, and will make sure that each new beer you get is a crisp, fresh pour. A monthly membership will get you 4 mini-kegs or "Torps" (one is equivalent to a six pack of beer) of select beer delivered right to your doorstep, no dusty dive bars necessary.

It's curated

My wife knows I love IPAs, so for my first month she got me the IPA and Pale Ale pack, which was an amazing selection of local hazy brews, including some I hadn't heard of before. While the IPA Torp from Lagunitas was a tried-and-true favorite, I also discovered a few new breweries, like Gun Hill in the Bronx and Nirvana upstate. After my first month, I created my own taste profile online, and since then I've been loving the variety of beers I've been getting.

Beer tastes better on tap

It's just a fact. Before Hopsy, I'd drag my wife everywhere to find the best craft beers before they tapped out at my regular bars. Thanks to Hopsy, my journey to find fresh beer is simple: I insert the mini-keg in to the machine, hook up the hose, and then fresh beer flows from the tap right to my glass. Each keg pours roughly the equivalent of a six pack of beer.

You'll discover new breweries

As all beer lovers know, there's nothing like discovering a new microbrewery that your friends don't know about yet. Thanks to a rotating menu of beers, including seasonal selections, I'm always being introduced to cool breweries and beers that even I'd never heard of, like Moustache's Extra Special Bitter and even a Chamomile, Rooibos, and Black Tea Kombucha, which ended up being a surprise favorite.

There's nothing else like it

Hopsy is the exclusive beer provider for the SUB home tap machine, which means you literally can't get this experience anyplace else. A gift set includes a SUB beer machine, a club membership, and 4 mini-kegs of beer delivered every month. Treat your loved one, or treat yourself. There's nothing like a fresh beer from the tap to quench your thirst in the comfort of your own home.

Hopsy's club membership, in which you receive 4 "Torps" or mini kegs (each one is equivalent to a six pack) is less than $60 a month. When you sign up, you have the option to either purchase or rent the machine.

UPDATE: Hopsy is giving a special offer to all Journiest readers. Click here to purchase the machine and receive your first month of club membership as well as 2 extra kegs and two beer glasses for $99 (normally $239.99)