5 Reasons Why I Choose Yumi For My Baby

Carrots and Broccoli, Butternut Squash Pear, Sweet Potato, Apple - the labels on those cute baby food jars may sound wholesome, but are they really?

I've made it through the first few months as a mama and couldn't be more excited to start my Sally on her solid-food journey. But the grocery store aisles are stacked with a glut of baby foods that contain tons of ingredients I've never heard of. Plus, there was that U.S. report on arsenic and metals in baby food looming at the back of my mind.

I figured that if I don’t choose organic puree, my baby's first bites of solid food might be anything but wholesome. I didn't want to take that risk! I consulted with my best friend - who’s a nutritionist - and she recommended that I check out Yumi, chef-curated, certified-organic baby food.

Honestly, buying baby food online never occurred to me. How can I possibly trust an online store if I can't even trust my go-to grocery store? But since the suggestion came from a close friend I gave Yumi a try.

Since then, Yumi is the only option for me!

Here are 5 Reasons I choose Yumi for my baby and encourage any worried mama searching for fresh, trustworthy baby food to give it a try.

1. High-quality meals freshly cooked

Yumi prepares your baby's food fresh every week, using only whole ingredients. The food remains edible for up to seven days when appropriately refrigerated. Low in fructose and loaded with fiber, Yumi is chock-full of all the necessary nutrients your baby needs during those first 1,000 days crucial to growth and development.

2. No cooking or meal prep needed

Yumi ships its baby food in cold packs to guarantee freshness. With 60+ organic food options - handpicked by nutritionists - they offer flexible plans that support each stage of your infant’s development. The big plus for me is that Yumi's baby food is delivered to my door ready to eat! No need to thaw, cook, or even portion it!

3. Sourced from local farms & Tested for soil-based heavy metals

Yumi partners with trusted USDA-certified organic farms - that are non-GMO project verified - and follows rigorous food safety testing to ensure their baby food is clean. They also work with the Clean Label Project - science-based, third-party experts - to test for over 400 environmental and industrial toxins. What surprised me most was how selective Yumi’s ingredients are. For example, their recipes include superfoods like blueberries and spirulina that are known as helpful antioxidants.

4. An extensive variety of foods that expand your baby's palate

I love the range Yumi has to offer! From single-ingredient purees for first-time eaters ( Adzuki Bean being Sally’s favorite) to small pieces of whole food that your baby can smash between their fingers, Yumi classifies their yummy blends according to textures, nutritional benefits, and age appropriateness.

5. Free from gluten, salt, and all of the "Big-9" allergens

Yumi's baby food has zero added sugars and is free of the Big-9 allergens. Also, it’s free from gluten, dairy, preservatives, salt, and GMOs. I used to be so worried about the dangers of food allergies, especially when Sally moved on to solid food. But Yumi taught me that 90% of food allergies are caused by only nine foods. Called the Big-9, you can be sure that Yumi's blends are free of these allergens. So, I can confidently feed my baby with no worries.

Yumi offers flexible subscription plans for all needs. To get started, simply input your email, zip code, and your baby's birthday. And in mere seconds, you’ll receive a personalized plan just for you!

Thanks to Yumi, my sweet girl eats fresh, nutritious, high-quality food. And I get back that precious time I’d otherwise spend in the kitchen!

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