5 Things Chefs Plate Helped Me Save

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In the last few years, my life has become much busier. I got a work promotion which has been really challenging and I don’t have that much time to cook three meals a day.

While at work, I usually just settle for something quick, easy, and definitely unhealthy for lunch. But I always want to have something substantial, nutritious, and homemade for dinner. I usually go in with the plan to cook, but I lose the energy when it’s time to start.

My home-cooked eating plan goes out the window and I settle for my favorite unhealthy takeout again!

I needed something less time-consuming but that doesn’t carry the guilt of takeout. Plus, I wanted to know exactly what was going into my meals, unlike takeout food which is usually filled with sugar and oil. So, I looked up meal kits and found Chefs Plate, Canada’s most affordable meal kit. I assumed meal kits would be complicated but I was surprised.

Here are 5 ways Chefs Plate helped me save:

Save time driving to and from the grocery store.

Chefs Plate sends all the food right to my door, which means I no longer have to worry about driving to and from the store or spending hours looking for the right ingredients. Chefs Plate’s plans are completely personalized and every week a box is delivered to my door with pre-portioned ingredients. I could also pause, skip weeks or opt out of my subscription anytime.

Save money on takeout.

Chefs Plate meals start from only $9.99 per serving which is much cheaper than takeout. They also have a range of different plans like Family Friendly, Vegetarian, Balanced and 15-Minute meals. I could choose whether I wanted meals for 2 or 4 people and if I preferred meals 2, 3, or 4 times a week.

Save time cooking and preparing meals.

Chefs Plate makes cooking easy with dinner on the table within 30 minutes or less! Unlike the hours I would spend shopping, putting together the dish, and even washing dishes, Chefs Plate makes the whole process hassle-free. Their recipes are also easy to follow with 6 simple steps and even include pictures.

Save myself the stress of figuring out what to cook.

Knowing only 5 basic recipes, cooking dinner can always be a challenge - especially when I’m looking for something new to try. Chefs Plate allows me to explore the world with different cuisines! Their weekly rotating menu is packed with 23 new recipes that are all incredibly delicious.

I highly recommend the Thai-Style Turkey Fried Rice with chili oil and the 15 minute Middle Eastern-Spiced Sausage Couscous Bowls with dill-garlic yogurt sauce. My absolute favorite has to be the Apricot-Mustard Glazed Chicken with Parmesan-roasted veggies which is the perfect balanced meal.

Save food waste.

Since Chefs Plate sends me all the pre-portioned, fresh ingredients that I would need for each recipe and all their meals are perfectly portioned. There is no food waste, I end up using all the ingredients and not throwing half into the trash after they go bad.

One month in, I was shocked with all the money, time, and energy I saved with Chefs Plate! The food is delicious and I have actually learned how to cook. I even use the techniques in a few other recipes which have made such a difference.

Thanks to Chefs Plate, I am less stressed, saving a lot, and eating so much better.

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