Don't Forget These 5 Things on Your Cross Country Road Trip

So you're ready to take the plunge and do a cross country road trip? That's exciting, but also you need to be practical. Driving across the country is no small feat. Don't hit the road without grabbing these essentials first.

1. Portable charger

Portable charger


You don't want your phone to die when you're in the middle of nowhere, nothing but cornfields and a dilapidated motel in sight. You could try this solar-powered charger which also doubles as a flashlight for extra insurance and protection.

2. Portable stove

Portable stove

Portable stove


Unless you want to be stopping at gas stations every few hours, you probably want a portable stove for those nights you just want to cook some beans or soup in peace. This will also come in handy when the zombie apocalypse comes.

3. Trunk and clothing organizer

Amazon storage organizer

Drive storage organizer

You won't have much room in your car, and you don't want your clothes and toiletries to turn into an absolute disaster. That's why a handy trunk organizer is a valuable purchase. You could also try a clothing organizer to keep everything neat and folded while you cross those miles.

4. A roadside emergency kit

Roadside emergency kit

Roadside emergency kit


Don't hit that road without a pair of jumper cables and a first aid kit. Packages like these come with almost everything you need in case of calamities or emergencies.

5. Female urination device

If you have female body parts... Avoid the whole squatting or holding it thing entirely with one of these incredibly useful female urination devices. It doesn't require taking off any clothes; just slip it between your fly and you are good to go.


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