5 Ways Concern Worldwide Works To End World Hunger and How You Can Help

The United Nations recently declared a famine in South Sudan. After years of civil war, the country has plunged into a state of disaster, with 3.4 million having fled their homes, 100,000 facing imminent starvation, and a quarter of a million children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. One international aid organization, Concern Worldwide, already has 300 members on the ground doing what they can to help families directly. Here's why you should do your part.

1. Concern spends 91 cents of every dollar directly on programs

Almost all of the money donated goes straight to Concern's staff on the ground in 26 of the world's poorest countries. That leaves 5% to spend on administration and 4% on fundraising. Efficiency is key; Concern has 300 staff directly helping 700,000 people in famine-affected South Sudan.

2. Concern is a Gold Star-rated international aid agency

GuideStar.org is the world's largest source of information on non-profit organizations. They have awarded Concern Worldwide US the Gold Star rating, reserved for only the most effective and transparent non-profit organizations.

3. Concern covers the people that aren't getting enough attention and aid

Syrian refugees are largely covered in the Western media because they are fleeing to countries in the Western world. Though in 2016, 200,000 people fled from Syria and 360,000 people fled South Sudan. 4.9 million people there face the risk of hunger and 3 million have left their homes.

4. Concern provides food to those who need it

Violence since December of 2013 has caused massive instability in the country. The inflation rate rose to 480% and the price of 2 pounds of maize flour has increased by 857%. 100,000 people are facing imminent starvation, with another million on the brink of famine. Concern is providing massive food distributions to hundreds of thousands of people, with a special focus on families with malnourished kids

5. Concern "stays, even when the spotlight is gone."

Just 6 years ago, the United States helped form South Sudan in a foreign policy success story. But now, civil war has left South Sudan on the verge of collapse. Concern has been in the country since it was founded in 2011 — and they're still on the ground, helping families by providing shelters, medical facilities, and food.

It costs just $30 to help save a malnourished child's life. South Sudan is in desperate need of assistance, and Concern is doing its share, recently quadrupling its staff in some of the worst-hit areas. My $100 donation will treat 13 malnourished children for 6 weeks, but there are thousands more. You can help reduce these statistics even further. Every little bit helps.

We need your help!Follow this link to Concern Worldwide to lend a helping hand to the urgent food crisis.


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