7 best places to watch Fourth of July fireworks

Here are the best fireworks displays for Independence Day

Did you know that fireworks have been used annually in every single Independence Day celebration since America's founding? They were actually chosen formally by Congress as a sanctioned way to celebrate. The first Fourth of July fireworks show took place in Philadelphia. Today, shows are held across the country. Here are a few of the best places to see some fireworks.

1. Washington, D.C.


What better place to celebrate Independence Day than in our nation's capitol? Leading up to the annual fireworks display, you can watch the annual parade, visit the National Archives, and attend a free concert near the Capitol Building. That night, you can head over to the National Mall for the fireworks show. It is best seen there, but the display can be easily spotted in various locations throughout the city.

2. Addison, Texas

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Welcome to "Kaboom Town." For more than three decades, Addison's annual fireworks show has been named one of the best in the nation. Over 400,000 visitors come to watch the display every single year and it is the biggest fireworks show in North Texas. Spectators can see the show in Addison Circle Park.

3. Philadelphia


Philadelphia, like Washington, D.C., is a location important to our nation's history. The city hosts the Independence Hall, which is where both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were adopted and signed. Every year, the Philadelphia Museum of Art hosts a fantastic fireworks display.

4. Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville hosts the second most popular fireworks show in the country. The display typically includes free performances from country's biggest stars. This year, Chris Young, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and the Nashville Symphony will be performing. The show is traditionally coordinated to music performed by the city's GRAMMY-award-winning symphony.

5. Lake Tahoe

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Over 100,000 people visit Lake Tahoe every year to celebrate the Fourth of July. You can relax on a boat to enjoy this show, but it is also fully visible from the shoreline. For the best views, check out Regan Beach, El Dorado Beach, or Nevada Beach. The show can be seen across town as well. The display is coordinated to music and broadcast by local radio stations KRLT-FM 93.9 and KOWL-AM 1490.

6. New York City

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The biggest fireworks show in the nation is annual hosted by Macy's and is broadcast live on NBC. The display is set alight above the East River. More than 3 million people in the city watch the show every year from the shorelines, waterways, streets and rooftops. They are joined by millions more watching on television. The show features more than 60,000 different effects during the 25-minute pyrotechnic display.

7. San Diego

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Big Bay Boom is the largest Fourth of July fireworks show on the West Coast. The annual show serves as a salute to the military families of our service heroes. The display is launched over the San Diego Bay and is also broadcast on local channels. Anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 people visit to see the show every year. The four barge locations coordinate their show to music simultaneously broadcast by local radio stations.


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