I was pretty frustrated with myself. I'd been carrying around a few extra lockdown pounds for months. I was sick and tired of ordering the same 4 recipes off the local Thai restaurant's menu. My tastebuds were bored-bored-bored. Plus, local food delivery apps showed up an hour late and they'd jacked up the price by 50%!

I knew that I needed meals that were more nutritious and fresh that are also healthy, simple to make, and wouldn't take too much time. But I had absolutely no idea where to start.

When my friend Gina highly recommended a super meal kit service called Green Chef, I must admit I was intimidated by the website. The meals looked gorgeous – and far beyond my crummy culinary skills. I was convinced I'd never be able to cook like that!

What if I mess up and am forced to throw out the food? What if I couldn't muster the motivation and have a take-out relapse? What if I hate how it tastes? What if it takes me 5 hours to prepare?

But I had to do something drastic to improve my diet. So I decided to give Green Chef a chance, even though I was sure it wouldn't work out.

After considering various plans and meal options, I settled on the Balanced Living plan and 3 recipes a week with 2 servings per recipe. I chose the weekly over bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions because I needed serious dietary triage.

When my box arrived, I was surprised by what I found. The GMO-free organic ingredients were garden-fresh and sourced directly from local farms and suppliers. And the meat was carefully packed on ice to keep it from spoiling. Easy-to-use illustrated recipe cards offer a step-by-step cooking guide, so I felt confident enough to tackle the task.

I was beginning to get excited about cooking! I rolled up my sleeves and started in. My meal was ready to eat in 30-minutes! Sure, the Honey-Citrus Glazed Salmon with Roasted Broccoli & Jerk-Spiced Carrot Fries looked good, but how would it taste?


The next meal was also mighty tasty. And so was the next. And on and on and. At first, I thought it had to be a fluke. A bad meal's got to show up sometime. But I haven't had a bad meal yet. And there's so much variety. I'm now a proud member of the Clean Plate Club.

Anything this good had to cost a ton. Starting at $11.99 per meal, Green Chef is the best affordable meal delivery service going.

Green Chef plays a huge part in my life now. No more Thai take-out. Eating well has never been easier. Ready. Set. Dig in.

7 More Reasons Why We Love Green Chef

A Range of Recipes – Delicious Chef-Designed Recipes | International Cuisines

Plans Galore – Keto | Paleo | Plant-Powered | Balanced Living

Minimal Prep – 30 minutes (or less) & you're eating!

Super Convenient – Skip grocery shopping | Meals deliver right to your door

Go Green – No food waste + Recyclable Packaging = Good for the Environment

Great for your budget! – Meal plans start at $11.99 a serving

Flexible Subscription – Pause or cancel at any time

Helps Me Stick to My Diet – Pre-measured portions | Delish, nutrish meals

NEW YEAR OFFER: Eating Healthy Is Hard, Green Chef Makes It Easy! Follow this link to get $90 off across four boxes including FREE shipping on the first box!

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