7 Reasons Why Green Chef Is The Recipe Box For Anyone On Keto

Going to the supermarket has never been fun…and since I am on a keto diet, I dread it even more.

All I see are aisles packed floor to ceiling with the foods I can't eat. (Or can I? I don't know anymore!) The supermarket is a struggle on a good day, but it's become a complete nightmare while trying to follow a keto diet!

I hate the idea of standing in aisles, picking up something that looks interesting, only to find out its nutrition value. I look incredibly confused most of the time (even the shop assistant asked me if I need help). Once again, I left with eggs, avocado, and dark chocolate for dinner.

Keto looks so good on paper and its results are amazing, but why is it such a challenge for me? Am I forever doomed to fail at it? Part of me thought yes, but deep down, I knew that all I needed was the right tools; I could make it happen. As I munched my fourth square of chocolate, I Googled "how to be successful at keto".

After some very boring reads, I hit upon Green Chef, a new recipe box service. They have different plans with nutritionist-approved recipes to help you stick to your speciality diet be it Vegan, Vegetarian, Lower Carb, Flexitarian and of course, Keto, they have it all.

I was super skeptical if it could work, but it was the only option I could find, so I gave keto one last go. Here's how Green Chef helped me stay keto strong:

1. Why Keto Works For Me

The focus of keto is lots of healthy fats with low carbs. Once I got used to fewer carbs (which was easy with all of Green Chef's delicious recipes), I noticed I was sleeping better, had more energy during the day, and my snack cravings had vanished (almost).

2. Knowing What Goes Into Your Food

Keto has never been so simple; every week I have a new menu to choose from. All of Green Chef's recipes are crafted by chefs, well-balanced, and full of delicious ingredients . Each meal comes with pre-portioned ingredients that are mostly sourced from local suppliers. I could taste the freshness and I loved knowing exactly where my produce came from, as well as seeing what was going into my meals.

3. Take Back Control of Mealtimes

I used to waste so much time cooking for myself - going to the supermarket, finding recipes and prepping dishes. Green Chef delivers premium, perfectly portioned ingredients ready to cook straight to your door. Their recipe cards come with pictures and a step-by-step guide that helped me put food on the table in 30 minutes or less.

4. Savor The Flavours

Green Chef's fantastic team of expert chefs and registered nutritionists craft vibrant keto recipes you'll rarely find in restaurants. I started with the Golden Sea Bass With Roasted Butternut Squash & Asparagus which was fresh, full of flavour and left me feeling satisfied. Their Rosemary and Garlic Butter Steak With Cheesy Broccoli was one of the best I had. The portion size - especially the protein - is excellent, and you feel perfectly full after every meal. I sometimes have leftovers for lunch the next day which is great.

5. Dinner To Your Door

Green Cheffits around your schedule with its flexible subscription, allowing you to pause a week or cancel whenever you like. You can also tailor your subscription, so it best fits your budget, diet preference and how many people you're cooking for. Since I was getting my meals 4 times a week, it cost around £2.82 per serving, which is much cheaper than buying my ingredients from a supermarket.

6. No Crave, No Cave

I use to think going keto was a form of torture due to the monotony of the meals I used to cook, but not anymore. With 4 delicious new meals from cuisines worldwide to choose from weekly, keeping keto is no longer a challenge. Having delicious and varied recipes to look forward to each week helps stop me craving things I can't eat and plays a big part in keeping me on track.

7. Stay Keto Strong With Green Chef

As I continue on my keto journey, I'm confident I won't fizzle out this time. Green Chefplays a massive part in delivering everything I need to be successful, right to my door. Their globally-inspired, flavour-rich recipes mean I am spoilt for choice while still keeping in ketosis.

Keto really can be simple and delicious with Green Chef!

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