Our Favorite At-Home Workout App Just Got Better

One thing we've embraced in the last year is working out from home. We've learned to do everything from calm yoga sessions to fast-paced cardio workouts all from our living rooms, but we're not on our own. Our go-to workout app, Aaptiv, has been with us along the way and it's just gotten even better.

Aaptiv listened to our needs and are delivering on some amazing new features in their latest update. Here's what you can expect in the new and improved app:


Rowing classes at home? Yes. This was a fan favorite and Aaptiv is finally bringing it back! Many think you need to be out on the water to reap the benefits of rowing but you really can get this full-body, low-impact workout on land.

With Aaptiv you'll finally feel confident tackling the rowing machine, getting the form down, and maximizing calorie burn. It's also great cross-training for anyone who's into cycling, swimming, and running, giving your knees a bit of a break. The incredible Aaptiv coaches will take you through the workout just like any of their other classes pushing you to do your best the whole way through.


Well, you might not be Rocky Balboa right now, but Aaptiv will definitely get you in the zone with their boxing classes. This other all-time favorite is returning to the app just in time - we're in need of mixing up our cardio.

You don't need to be in the ring to benefit from this upper body and core workout, just get a bit of space cleared and get to work. Expect your Aaptivcoaches to take you through some jump rope (no rope needed), jab sets, push-ups, and crunches to build out your boxing fundamentals.

Working out is as much mental as physical and we're loving the return of boxing as a refresh. Nothing beats sweating out your stress and with Aaptiv's update, there's another fun and effective way to do it.

Music Selection

We've always loved Aaptiv's combination of guided audio workouts and great music. They know just how to push us through to the end of our workout with the best playlists, but now we're getting an upgrade we've been dreaming about: choosing our own genre for any workout.

Choose your workout and the music genre. If there were some workouts you wanted to try in the past but you weren't feeling the music selection, don't worry those days are behind you. Now you can select any type of music you want to go with any of Aaptiv's workouts. There'll be 15 different genres to choose from including pop, hip hop, and throwbacks to get you through every workout. The choice is yours now when it comes to music, no matter the workout.

Still love Aaptiv's curated playlists? They'll still be available for most classes so you can always use those instead. Plus, there's an added bonus - you can now control the volume of the music to whatever works best for you.

If you're a long-time Aaptiv user keep an eye out for the next update - it's one app update you don't want to miss. And if you're looking for a new at-home fitness outlet Aaptiv really packs a punch now more than ever.

Get moving with Aaptiv where your classes, music, and intensity are all in your control.

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