Start Your Adventurous Eater Bucket List

Open your mind to unexpected flavors.

With so many cuisines and cultures around the world, delicacies can vary widely. What could be considered rare and delicious in one country is considered disgusting in another. If you think yourself an adventurous eater, then put all inhibitions aside and check out this list of exotic eats to add to your bucket list.

Country borders are very much established, but culture permeates them with ease. That means that lots of cultures blend and mix together and many of these foods can be found in multiple countries, communities, and regions around the world.

North America and Australia


Southern USA and Australia

Delicious alligator BBQ on a stick, try it out with these recipes.Valerie Hinojosa

Crocodiles are harvested for their skin and meat all over the world. This delicacy tastes like a mix between chicken and crab, but has a gamey, tougher meat texture than seafood. It can be served a variety of ways depending on where you're eating it. The southern United States is a great place to dip your toes in and try this. I promise it doesn't taste very different from other meats you've had.

Fried Rattlesnake

Southern USA

If you want to make your own from scratch, follow this extensive guide.millenial homesteader

You know we Americans love our fried foods! Rattlesnake has been described as the whitefish of the desert, but with a more sinewy, tough texture. It's worth trying once, but the mild flavor might not win you over.

South and Central America

Chapulines: Grasshoppers


This traditional ingredient is increasing in popularity, and it's not difficult to find some Chapulines in American Mexican restaurants.getty images

Grasshoppers are a crunchy delicious part of Mexican cuisine. They don't have a ton of flavor, so they taste like whatever herbs, spices, and sauces they're served with. Most are farmed raised, left to fast and clean out their systems, then toasted and eaten. The salty, crunchy satisfaction that comes with eating a classic Mexican Chapuline taco makes it a local favorite.

Escamoles: Larvae


These Escamoles feature different spices and flavors for each recipe.getty images

The Mexican version of caviar, these eggs don't come from fish, but ants. Native to Central Mexico, the light colored eggs are harvested and beloved for their slightly nutty flavor. They can be served alongside any meal or as the star of the show, cooked with butter and spices. This is pretty low on the gross out factor because if you didn't know these little dots were eggs, you'd never think twice.




The insides of the Haggis are scooped out of the stomach. It can be served as a side dish or put into other recipes like pastries and pies.getty images

Haggis is a lovely blend of sheep heart, liver, and lungs held together with onions, oatmeal, suet, and seasonings all cooked inside of the sheep's stomach. Sure, it might sound gross, but I highly respect people who can use so much of an animal without wasting anything. The flavor is a little different from other meat mixtures you've tried, but if you aren't interested in going full in, consider trying it out mildly. I went for a small haggis pastry in Edinburgh, and it gave me just enough to try without having to eat a full entree.

Black Pudding

United Kingdom

Though it's called Black Pudding, the blood inside gives it a reddish color.getty images

A staple in a full English, Irish, or Scottish breakfasts these sausages are made up of oatmeal, pork fat, and pig's blood. The sausage has a rich flavor and the little disks are deliciously fried. If you're really adventurous, then give this a try. I promise you won't take a bite and spit it out saying, that tastes like blood. Be sure to order it with a complete fry-up, and a cup of tea so you get the full English breakfast experience.

Frogs Legs


The traditional French recipe uses plenty of garlic and butter, but Asian recipes vary greatly by region.getty images

There isn't a lot of meat on a frog's legs, but the meat they do have is tender, juicy, and delicious. There are so many ways this can be cooked based off of where you are and the type of restaurant you're eating at. You could enjoy them grilled, fried, baked, or stewed. They have a chicken like texture, with a slight fish taste. You can't go wrong if you get them the classic French way with butter and herbs, or try something different like an Asian seasoning.



Escargot usually comes in a specialty plate which holds each snail in a pool of garlic and butter, and a tiny little fork to scoop them out.getty images

Everyone in the world should try Escargot at some point in their lives. The snails cooked in a white wine sauce with butter, garlic, and parsley have the most beautiful flavors. Eating them is a fun little adventure because you have to scoop them out of the shell with little forks. I understand some people are turned off by the appearance, but it is so worth it. I can forgive those that aren't fans of the texture though, because they are quite chewy.


Mopane Worm

Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc.

Once the worms are cleaned and dried they are ready to be eaten. Learn more about this Zimbabwe farmer and her craft here.Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/ AP

This food is a widespread favorite in Africa for its rich meat and high protein content. Once they are cleaned and dried out you can go ahead and eat them. They have a slight salt and vinegar flavor, like a lot of insects do, and are delicious served a variety of ways. A Zimbabwe favorite is with a spicy or peanut sauce served with the typical maize porridge, but South Africans prefer them dried or smoked, then rehydrated with tomato and chili sauce.

Stink Bugs

South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, etc.

You can try to make stink bugs and other insect recipes at home, just like these professional chefs.Time

High in protein and vitamins, Stink bugs have been eaten in Africa for generations. They are harvested, cleaned to remove the bitter taste of their stinky defense chemicals, boiled, then sun dried. This is a classic technique for preparing insects and once they're dried, they're good to eat. Add some salt for a healthy snack.


Fried Tarantula


There is actually a tragic backstory of oppression and starvation that is behind this now beloved delicacy.getty images

This is a popular delicacy regional to Cambodia. They are quite expensive for the average Cambodian so they are typically eaten on special occasions. When they're fried they become crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, and have more meat than other edible insects. People have described the flavor as somewhat seafoody, like a mixture between chicken and crab or cod.



Baluts are so popular that you can find them on a stick as a street food.getty images

You like eggs. You like duck. Just combine the two at the same time with Balut, a fertilized duck egg complete with embryo. This is a little touch and go for a delicacy. A lot of people from the Philippines love Balut, but just as many hate it. The mixture of flavors and textures can turn some people off, but others love the combination of fresh duck meat and warm yolk.

If you want to go out there and try all of the wondrous foods the world has to offer, this list is a great start. Just remember that your brain's idea of what something should taste like, might stop you from trying something new. If you go into every new food with a clean slate, an open mind, and a sense of adventure, you're such to find some unexpected favorites!

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Ride in style on the Herradura Express, a distillery sponsored train ride that runs from Guadalajara to the town of Amatitán for a distillery tour and tastings, followed by lunch featuring live entertainment. The train then takes visitors back to Guadalajara by evening. Herradura is housed in the last tequila-producing Hacienda in the world, Hacienda San Jose del Refugio. Casa Herradura will be closed for visits and tours until Mexican health officials declare the coronavirus emergency over.

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We don't know how to feel about winter this year. Sure, nobody likes the cold and dreary months, but there's something special about the Holiday season that just seems to be missing. Maybe the thought of staying inside and cozying up to a nice book isn't very enticing given the last few months. The joyful winter wonderland that we usually associate with winter seems to be missing.

That's why our editors decided to take it upon themselves and spread some delight with seasonal meals, courtesy of HelloFresh. For those who don't know what HelloFresh is, it's a meal-kit delivery service with dozens of easy-to-prepare recipes to choose from. Simply select which meals you want as well as how many servings and a neatly organized cardboard box will arrive at your doorstep within the week. Nobody wants to go out in the Winter anyway, and with HelloFresh, you don't have to!

To celebrate the arrival of the coldest season, we decided to highlight some of our favorite (and heartiest) recipes from HelloFresh that are perfect for the Holiday season. Here are five wholesome and balanced meals that will warm you up in no time.

Veggie Loaded Kale & Risoni Soup

A hearty and warm soup is a Winter staple and this veggie loaded kale and risoni soup from HelloFresh absolutely hits it out of the park. All anybody wants during the colder months is to feel cozy and nurtured--just like the flavorful bowl of nutrients. Warm and creamy risoni compliments the seasonal veggies perfectly and the side of garlic bread is a sure-fire cure for any winter blues. With 22 meals to pick from each week, this one is sure to be a household favorite.

Cheesy Red Pesto Chicken Melts

Everyone is familiar with classic green pesto, but have you ever tried red pesto? Red pesto offers way more complexity and oomph than its green counterpart. It is incredibly bright with rich notes of umami, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh basil and garlic. This rendition also features hits of chargrilled capsicum for a little extra zest. You get the exact amount of each ingredient and seasoning, as well as super detailed recipe cards, that make meal prep a breeze. Spread it over a glistening chicken bread and sprinkle with cheese for delectable chicken melts.

Winter Risotto

Risotto is a great winter warmer. It's packed full of veggies so your body will light up like fire, but it's also silky, sumptuous and a real crowd pleaser. HelloFresh's Winter Risotto features a heart helping of kale that pairs perfectly with nutty Parmesan and crunchy walnuts for a robust taste. Did we mention that it also comes with fennel seeds sprinkled throughout? This unique seasoning adds a distinctive, yet delicious flavor to this classic winter staple. We know these meals are pretty hardy, which is why we love having the option to pause our subscription or cancel a week when need be.

Cheat's Italian Pork & Veggie Bolognese

A bolognese that only takes 30 minutes to make? Sign us up! This one is chock full of all the rich flavors of a classic Italian sauce. In fact, we're getting some serious Italian grandmother vibes with this recipe. Silky baby Spanish and grated carrots melt into a hearty meat sauce, offering a mouth-watering meal for anyone looking for a little zest. It's delivery quality, but much more affordable, plus you get to cook it yourself!

Smokey Mild Chorizo & Bean Chilli

Yet another clever twist on a weekday favorite! The paprika and garlic flavored cured sausage is a staple in our chopping baskets since it goes well with practically anything. Not only is Chorizo loved for its taste, but also for its ability to infuse sauces with its tantalizing flavor. This time around, HelloFresh has decided to spice up a classic bowl of bean chili with Spanish styling of a smokey mild chorizo. The end result? A mix of chorizo, red kidney beans, corn and avocado, and an irresistible flavor that everyone will love. This is just one of dozens of unique HelloFresh recipes you won't find anywhere else!

Gone are the days of trekking through the frigid cold just for a few groceries. Sign-up for HelloFresh today and get your ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. Time to start cozying up the right way, with a delicious meal and a nice cup of hot cocoa.

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8 of the Best Donut Spots In the United States

Celebrate National Donut Day with our favorite treats across the country.

November 5th marks one of 2020's two National Donut Days.

Occurring in both June and November, National Donut Day allows fans of those delectable yeasty treats to embrace their sweet tooth. But like any niche food group, people often take their donuts very, very seriously, and there are countless places to get your fix.

Below, we've rounded up some of the best donut spots across the country. From coast to coast, these bakeries are sure to impress even the pickiest donut-heads.

Mr. T.'s Delicate Donut Shop – Modesto, CA

Mr. T.'s Delicate Donut Shop

If you ever find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area, it's worth taking a short trek out east towards Modesto for some of California's best donuts. Mr. T.'s Delicate Donut Shop has remained family owned since its opening over 30 years ago, providing both tried-and-true classic donuts as well as experimental flavors and holiday specials. Even their 24-hour service doesn't diminish the line that trails out the door most mornings.

Dough — New York, NY

Dough \u2014 New York, NY

Donuts might not be the first circular, doughy treat you think of when it comes to New York City. If you've had your fair share of bagels, the Big Apple also boasts some spectacular donuts at Dough, a go-to spot for both tourists and locals alike. Here, you'll find a host of Latin American-inspired flavors that are hard to come by anywhere else; their Dulce de Leche flavor is a customer favorite, while the tangy Hibiscus donut is just as good for Instagramming as it is for eating.

Blackbird Doughnuts — Boston, MA

Blackbird Doughnuts \u2014 Boston, MA

Boston's Blackbird Doughnuts is a no-frills donut spot specializing in both brioche "raised" donuts and old-fashioned cake donuts. With a small menu of year-round donuts and a rotating cast of seasonal flavors, Blackbird keeps it simple and classic. Why mess around?

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop — Brooklyn, NY

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop \u2014 Brooklyn, NY

For over 60 years, Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop has been calling the quaint Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint home. Since then, the bakery has remained a popular spot for both regulars and new visitors passing through the area. Here, you won't find uber-trendy decor or gimmicky recipes, just damn good donuts that prove the power of long-standing local businesses.

Pip’s Original — Portland, OR

Pip\u2019s Original \u2014 Portland, OR

In both their mobile catering van and brick-and-mortar locations, Pip's Original is a staple for small, sweet treats in Portland. They're known for their tiny donuts that come in inventive seasonal flavors like marionberry-lavender and mango ghost pepper. But even if you opt for one of the more traditional flavors, Pip's Original proves good things can come in small packages.

Round Rock Donuts — Round Rock, TX

Round Rock Donuts \u2014 Round Rock, TX

Founded in 1926, Round Rock Donuts—located just north of Austin—are impossible to miss. These donuts' distinct yellow-orange color, caused by fresh eggs in the original recipe, make them stand out among the crowd. While this classic outpost can easily churn out hundreds of dozens of donuts a day, they also offer Texas-Sized Donuts, which are just as ginormous as you'd imagine. Round Rock Donuts are not only delicious and easily recognizable, but they're a slice of Lone Star history.

The Holy Donut — Portland, ME

The Holy Donut \u2014 Portland, ME

In Maine's Portland, you might not find tiny donuts or a decked-out catering van, but you will find a slightly healthier alternative. The Holy Donut was founded on the premise of creating tasty donuts that used all-natural ingredients to make a treat you could feel good about eating. The secret ingredient is fresh, mashed Maine potatoes, which make these donuts delectably moist without sacrificing flavor.

Donut Friend — Los Angeles, CA

Donut Friend \u2014 Los Angeles, CA

As expected of a city so focused on entertainment, Los Angeles' Donut Friend puts an edgy spin on their inventive donut flavors. Their year-round menu features donut flavors with names like Green Teagan and Sara, Fudgegazi, and Bacon-182 that are sure to delight the rock music nerds. For everyone else, the delicious donuts speak for themselves.