5 Animals That Said "ACAB"

We're not the only ones that wanna see police reform.

Humans aren't the only species who want to see rules around policing change.

Our furry cohorts around the globe also have plenty of reasons to hate the police. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, Marnie The Dog's sister, Phyllis, took to social media to condemn racism and police brutality. While social media's beloved, tongue-wagging Shih Tzu died back in March, her sister established herself as a real rule breaker in the wake of Floyd's murder. "Breaking curfew don't tell the pigs," she wrote on Instagram with the hashtag #dogsagainstfacism." In the last few years, there have been plenty of animals who have stood up against police brutality in their own exciting way, tormenting officers unprovoked, and for nothing more than the sheer entertainment of it all. Here are 5 animals that really hate cops.

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