Q&A: Everything You Need To Know About Tasting Room

Most of us know this situation. You're at a restaurant and order a bottle of wine not knowing what's good, what's so-so and what's just plain awful. Chances are, you chose based on price and what you think will pair well with your meal -red or white, plain and simple. The waiter brings it over and that dreaded moment arrives. Would you like to try it first? Everyone looks at you and you're thinking: I don't know what I'm doing. Do I take a whiff? Swirl? What am I actually tasting for? Is it obnoxious if I send it back after they open it if I don't love it? Or worse: what if I send it back and end up hating the next one even more? We've all been there – and we've all ended up spending money on wine we didn't really enjoy as much as we'd have enjoyed another bottle. Aren't we all just trying to find that perfect bottle that hits the spot after a long day without breaking the bank? Enter: Tasting Room.

What is Tasting Room?

Tasting Room is the fastest-growing wine club in the nation, and we recently learned why. The service makes informed wine recommendations for you based on your experiences with the bottles in their exclusive tasting kit, and ships wine directly to your door as often as you like. Now that's what I call a good service.

How does it work?

When you sign up for Tasting Room, they send you a six-bottle tasting kit. As you sip, you log on to the site and are guided through a fun interactive tasting, where you rate each wine one wine against another. You simply choose wines you prefer in the head-to-head matchups and then based on your ratings, Tasting Room's sommeliers create a wine profile for you. It's a handy guide that points out the types of wine you tend to enjoy, what regions they come from and even the foods they pair well with. Say goodbye to that awkward moment in the restaurant!!

What's the best part?

The wine, of course! The wine tasting and wine profiles are fun and packed with useful information, but for me, the best part was the wine. After rating, you'll receive a variety case of wines tailored to match your preferences. After that, you just keep rating your shipments and each delivery is further refined as you continue rating each bottle.. Last month, I received a mixture of dry whites and medium bodied reds because that's what I like according to my Wine Profile, Tasting Room's sommeliers, and in turn, my taste buds.

Tasting Room
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How often do they deliver?

Okay, this might actually be the best part. Unlike other monthly wine clubs, Tasting Room ships you your wine as often as you like! You can easily customize your frequency, date(s), size, and contents on the site. Finally, no one to tell you how much wine you should be drinking anymore. With Tasting Room, you have complete control over how much and how often you receive your wine; the experience is all about learning what you want.

What if I get a wine I don't like?

Every bottle comes with a total satisfaction guarantee, so if you ever receive a wine that doesn't match your taste preferences, Tasting Room will replace it or issue you a wine credit to purchase another bottle from the extensive – and delicious – collection on the site. I doubt any liquor store would do that for you if you shelled out $15+ dollars for the bottle.

What does it cost? Am I locked in?

Each bottle works out to cost under $13. It's less than $10 to join (that gets you your tasking kit), and you can cancel at any time.

How do they make it so affordable?

When you buy wine in a retail store, it's usually marked up 2-3x by importers, distributors, and retailers by the time you drink it. Tasting Room cuts out these middle men saving you up to 60%. PLUS, they're extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link, to get your wine tasting kit for just $9.95 ($30 in savings)!