Are SAXX Underwear Really “Life-Changing”?

As a man, when it comes to underwear I'm pretty easy-going. I just want something that fits and feels comfortable. So when my buddies and I got into a conversation about what underwear brands we like best, I was surprised to learn about SAXX. One of my friends swore that they were the most comfortable boxers and briefs out there, but when he told me the price, I was pretty skeptical to try them on. Apparently it's because of all this technology they use that helps keep the boys down there cool and comfortable. If I'm going to go all in on premium underwear, it better be the real deal. My friend's insights were enough to get me to look up SAXX reviews on their website and on Amazon.

On their site, I read reviews and found out more about their special technologies. Their underwear has a "Ball Park Pouch" which is structured like an inverted hammock. It helps prevent friction by keeping everything in place down there and minimizes chafing due to the seams being placed on the outside. It certainly looked like it was designed by a man who's looking out for men in every possible way.

It all looked great but I was still a little skeptical that this $29.95 underwear could be "life-changing," as one reviewer on Amazon so enthusiastically noted. I decided to put SAXX to the test and went for the Quest 2.0. These boxers promised to be good for outdoor activities. When I go hiking, my boxers will usually ride up my legs which is uncomfortable and requires constant adjustment. Plus when i'm drenched in sweat all I can think about is getting the in shower and changing into something more comfortable, which is something that the moisture wicking fabric of SAXX underwear helps combat.

When the Quest 2.0 arrived, they looked cool out of the box. I tried them on and understood why they were pricier. It was because of the comfort of the material and construction, something I wasn't use to with my previous boxers. My next surprise was that they fit me perfectly. Walking around in them, I felt newly liberated, unlike how I felt about any of my other pairs of boxers or sports underwear.

The real test was when I wore them while out on an intense hike. I was comfortable the whole time, with no ride ups or sweat! I felt like I could wear them for any sporting activity, or even just lounge in them all day. The amazing material, fit and technology of these underwear makes them worth the price. They even have great prints like Beer Pong for those who want to get a little more "fun" underneath. When you consider how many pairs of bad underwear you go through, SAXX provides an incredible value for its price. Once you try SAXX, you never go back. And yes, they really are life-changing.

Update: The folks at SAXX are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get a pair of SAXX Underwear with their 30 day, 100% guarantee or they'll refund your order!

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