The Best Ethical Coffee Shops in NYC

Get your caffeine fix, without the exploitation.

If you're like the average New Yorker, you're probably addicted to coffee. You're in luck, because it's International Coffee Day. Do you know where your coffee comes from? Most coffee chains and cafes don't have transparent trading policies, unfortunately, and as many of us know, that means that there's some exploitation going on. But some companies have made efforts to improve their local and international relationships.

Not everyone can afford the exorbitantly expensive coffee you'll find in these places, and choosing to shop at these places is just one of many decisions and actions you can take to live more sustainability. If you have the means, though, here are the most ethical and eco-friendly coffee shops in NYC.

1. Coffeed

This chain has about a dozen locations in NYC, and each store pairs up with a charity in its location and donates 3-10% of its profits to that charity. They also grow their products locally, and most of their beans are grown on an acre-sized roof in Long Island City.


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