The Best Tapas Restaurants in New York City

Are you and a group of friends looking for something special? Look no further.

Tapas is the perfect way to eat. This is not up for debate.

Small dishes designed to be shared make for a unique and fun dining experience with friends. You get a little bit of everything and rarely leave the experience having overeaten or feeling bloated. No city understands the delicacy of tapas better than New York, and as a result, there are thousands of amazing tapas joints to sift through. But you're not here for just any tapas, you want the cream of the crop. At Journiest, we care about quality, so if you find yourself roaming NYC with a group of hungry friends, here are the best tapas restaurants in New York City.

Buceo 95

buceo 95

Located in the lavish Upper West Side, Buceo 95 has one of the best wine collections in the city. The small plates include garlic shrimp, bacalao croquettes, and bacon-wrapped dates. Whether you're stopping in for a quick bite before a show at Symphony Space, or staying in for a night of tasty wine and complementary dishes, Buceo 95 is the one-stop shop for a lovely fanciful evening.

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