7 Best Vacation Destinations in March (in Countries Free of the Coronavirus)

Refuse to stay in quarantine? Good for you! As a reward for your bravery, the whole world is open to you–except places with disease outbreaks.

The next Spring Equinox will be March 19, which means we're winding down the last dreary days of winter. But first we have to get through the Ides of March, and while we're probably not going to be assassinated by our closest friend like Julius Ceasar, it's always been a particularly troublesome time of year. In many parts of the world, the weather changes at a whim, which means you never know how to dress, which means you're probably uncomfortable 93% of your day and spend the other 7% looking through junky weather apps trying to figure out if today is a sweater day or a t-shirt and a light jacket day or if you should just go back to bed.

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