Brandless Luggage Has Changed How I Travel

Finally, all my hard work paid off, and I got my long-awaited promotion to Senior Manager.

I was delighted as the new position meant I would get to travel. A job that allows me to travel was what I'd always wanted.

Two weeks later, my first business trip came up. I took out my duffle bag to start packing. I hadn't gone on a vacation or traveled in so long that I'd forgotten how old and worn my duffle was. But it was all I had. When I started packing, I quickly realized it was not suitable for my work trip, my suits and shirts were going to get so wrinkled, and there were no compartments for anything. Plus, it wasn't professional looking at all, and I have to go straight to a meeting from the airport. Yikes.

I powered through and planned to get myself some new luggage when I got home. I needed something that would make my packing easy and fit a garment bag for my suits. And of course, it needed to look slick and sophisticated.

I started my search online, but everything was either too big, too small, or had crazy designs on them. And any of them that looked acceptable were so overpriced. Do people actually spend $500 on a suitcase?

Then I remembered my coworker had the perfect suitcase that he always brings on work trips. I asked him where he got it, and he told me his wife got it for him on this website called Brandless. "Brandless?," "Yeah, she is always buying so much stuff off it!," he said, and their suitcase is the best one he's ever used.

I'd never heard of Brandless but checked out their luggage anyway. First thing I noticed was it looked exactly how I wanted my suitcase to look - black, sleek exterior, with a nice simple ridge design on the front. I could definitely see myself walking into a meeting with it.

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Their 21" Carry On Luggage was really catching my eye. Not only does it look great, but it's also obvious that it's made with only high-quality parts- the four wheels are 360-degree Hinomoto spinner wheels, and it comes with a YKK zipper and TSA lock. Such important features when trying to navigate through busy airports and when traveling with confidential documents or expensive tech equipment. It's also super lightweight and comes has a polycarbonate shell. And, I was amazed to see that they cared so much about the planet! The Interior lining is made with recycled PET plastic. Cool, right?

The interior is divided up in the perfect sized compartments too, exactly what I needed! And then I noticed the price - only $180! That's less than half the price of other suitcases with these features. An even better deal once I entered the code to get 20% off, plus shipping is free on all orders over $48.

Needless to say, I ordered one, plus some packing cubes, and they arrived just in time for my next trip. I opened it up and began to pack. It took me no time at all with all the compartments, dividers, and packing cubes I also purchased on Brandless. The packing cubes made it so easy to organize my clothes – one for underwear, one for a pair of shoes, one for toiletries, and another for pajamas.

Plus, the case really is lightweight! Pulling it off the baggage claim conveyor belt confirmed that. And I felt secure everything I had inside was protected with the lock, and the reinforced corners protect against any damage.

Now, after using it for months for all my trips, I don't think I could ever use any other suitcase. It truly is the best, from the packing to the airport to my meetings, it's just great. And I have even got to use it for a fun holiday, too.

If you frequently travel for work or just need a new suitcase that makes traveling easy, then you need to check out the Brandless Luggage. That is if you want the most affordable, good quality suitcase out there.

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