Four Reasons To Try The Internet's Favorite Wine Club

(It's ours, too.)

With fewer parties and bars, drinking at home is the new going out. Thankfully, that doesn't mean you need to compromise on taste. Instead of bumbling around liquor stores or ordering the same bottle a hundred times, there's another way.

Bright Cellars is shaking up the wine industry with an online tastebud quiz, and seriously premium wines at an accessible price delivered Right. To. Your. Door. Best of all, it's tailored to you - what you like and what you really don't.

Here's why you can say goodbye to the musty ol' liquor store for good.

1. Figure out what you like, faster.

Grabbing a random bottle with a hard-to-pronounce grape and an amazing label will always be fun, but it's also a gamble. Could be delicious, could be cooking wine. You can skip the trial and error with a quiz.

Bright Cellars has boiled down your tastebuds to an easy 7 questions that will give them all the information they need to recommend wine you'll love. Developed by two MIT grads, the algorithm is smart and all-encompassing - but easy-breezy for you.

2. You'll get smarter with each shipment.

With every monthly shipment, you'll get cards describing the flavor profiles of your wines, along with food pairings and their histories. You'll finally begin to start tasting those notes of strawberry and chocolate or even lychee and tobacco.

This will become your crash course in wine - you'll figure out how to pair wine to upgrade your foods, learn whether you like jammy reds or oaky whites, and uncover new meanings for words like "bouquet" and "legs."

3. You get a surprising amount of variety.

If your go-to liquor store only supplies wine as an afterthought, you may be staring at the same bottles week after week. Bright Cellars gets their grapes from all over the world - from Bordeaux to Washington state - before bottling it in California and sending it to you.

They're consistently sourcing new wines from around the world, so you can be sure your selections will be picked from their classic stand-bys and their new faves.

4. It's just too convenient.

Wine. You Like. At Your Door. You don't even need to talk to another person to start your wine journey if that's your thing (#introvertlife). The website is easy to navigate, and if you realize you don't even have a bottle opener, you'll find a teal one in your first shipment. You'll learn what you like, and get better and better wines (for your unique tastebuds!) as you go. You can also skip or cancel at any time.

The wines are really good. If they hate a vintage, they just won't stock it, even if it's being sold on every corner. For around $20 a bottle, you not only get 4 worthy wines per month but a full world of wine knowledge. You can also refer a friend and get bonus points for bonus bottles and other fun extras (#extravertlife)!

Your first shipment is $50 off, so what are you waiting for? This delicious wine's not gonna drink itself.

GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems