Can A Smart Mattress Really Improve Your Sleep? I Tried The Pod Pro By Eight Sleep

A few years ago, I started struggling with my sleep. At first, I thought nothing of it, assuming it was just a phase and that it would eventually go away, but it never did. It only got worse, to the point where I spent most of the night tossing and turning.

I tried everything - cutting down on caffeine, taking melatonin, downloading sleep apps...

After venting about my struggles, a friend told me about Eight Sleep, a company that creates high-tech sleep products that provide health insights and analytics. One of their most popular products is their Pod Pro mattress.

Could a mattress really solve my sleep issues? We already have a perfectly good mattress that’s only a few years old, so why would I need a new one? But my friend has the Pod Pro and swears by it, saying it’s transformed her sleep quality.

The Pod Pro would be a pretty big investment, but it would be totally worth it if it solved my issues, so I decided to look into it. That’s when I read about the Dual-Zone temperature control, allowing me to control the temperature on each side of the mattress separately with their app, anywhere between 55°-110°F.

My partner and I are always fighting over switching on or off the AC, so this would be a game-changer for us. The Intelligent SmartTemp™ AI automatically adjusts the Pod Pro’s temperature to the most comfortable level for your body.

Then I read about Eight Sleep’s GentleRise™ technology, which wakes your body up naturally by gradually cooling down the mattress and with gentle vibrations at the chest level. You wake up feeling fresh without any noisy alarm.

Honestly, waking up every morning had become so difficult for me and near impossible some days. After reading all of this, we decided to take a leap of faith and order the Pod Pro.

The Pod Pro arrived and we were surprised at how easy it was to set up. You control everything from your phone on the Eight Sleep app - your sleep temperature; wake-up time; the app also provides health reports, REM, respiration, heart rate data to help you understand your sleep patterns.

I’ll never forget how comfortable the Pod Pro was the first time I laid down. It’s a 12" premium foam mattress with 5 layers that help support spinal alignment and relieve pressure points. The 2" Airflow Top Layer is soft and provides airflow, elasticity, and instantaneous response to body impressions.

From the first night with the Pod Pro, my sleep instantly improved! No more fighting over the AC!

According to their app’s sleep reports, I’m getting at least 7 hours of restorative sleep every night, which is way more than what I was getting before that. Who knew a mattress could make that much of a difference?

The Pod Pro was a worthy investment! If you’re struggling with your sleep, check out the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep. It's so much more than just a mattress.

Here are 5 more reasons why I love the Pod Pro:

  • You can connect to other smart devices like your smart coffee maker and even your Alexa!
  • It helps you understand and improve your sleep health.
  • There are different financing options available, so you can pay in monthly installments.
  • Less need for AC or heat at night, the Pod Pro mattress does the heavy work for you (and uses less energy!).
  • I can wear my favorite cozy pajamas all year long!

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