How I Made The Switch To Healthy Eating With Chefs Plate

I've lost count of the number of times I've said, "I'm going to start eating healthy", only to order take out every night since my one attempt to cook a balanced and nutritious meal failed spectacularly.

I really want to feel the benefits of cooking healthy meals but I don't want the stress of planning and prepping. I don't have the time it takes to source exotic antioxidant-dense ingredients these 20+ step recipes take.

There has to be an easier way for me to eat better, I just had to keep searching.

Turns out I didn't have to search for too long, on my way back from the grocery store (strangled by all my bags), I noticed a large box outside my neighbors' apartment door.Chefs Plate, it rang a bell but I couldn't remember where I'd heard it. Out of curiosity, I googled "Chefs Plate" when I got home, oh yeah, it's another meal kit.

I never considered a meal kit during my quest to change my eating habits. how could their ingredients be that fresh if they are sent in a box to your door? And are their meals really balanced and nutritious? The ones that do provide uber-healthy options are way out of my price range.

But something on the Chefs Plate site caught my eye: their balanced meals section. The meals looked delicious and full of wholesome ingredients, with loads of colorful seasonal vegetables.

Chefs Plate also offers way more vegetarian options than I was expecting (real veggie-based recipes, not just your usual meals with the meat and chicken taken out). They offer whole vegetarian meals with real substitutions that would entice anyone to have a meat-free day. Eating more plant-based meals is something I've been trying to do, especially in an attempt to have a healthier diet but have been struggling with it. And their balanced meal options would definitely help me make the best decisions with each serving having at least 30g protein, less than 10g saturated fat, and less than 75g carbs.

Chefs Plate starts at only $7.74 per serving. All of their ingredients are fresh and pre-portioned-- they send you the exact amount of each ingredient, so there's zero food waste or half-used bottles of sauce clogging up your fridge. Plus their packaging is 100% recyclable. It sounded great and it would mean I could eat healthy home-cooked meals that I wouldn't have to plan, shop or prep for. Just cook in 15-30 mins.

I had to at least try it, so I signed up to receive 4 meals per week with two servings. If it doesn't work I could always cancel at any time and I can skip any week too.

The next week, my Chefs Plate box was outside my door. I love how all the ingredients for each recipe are packed together in separate brown paper bags so they can be all neatly organized in my fridge. That evening after a very long day it was great to not have to think about what to cook (or order), all of the ingredients for Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken and Farro with roasted squash and grapes were ready to go.

I have never cooked anything like this before and in all honesty, I picked it solely to see how the grapes and squash work together! I laid out all the ingredients and was delighted to see all the nutritious ingredients I knew my body needed. I took it step by step, following the recipe card and boom, 15 mins later my perfectly balanced dinner was served. The taste was insanely good, the spiced chicken was so juicy, and the veggies, grapes, and farro were the perfect medley. Who knew healthy meals could be so tasty and creative, easily one of my new favorite dinners.

Southeast Asian Turkey Salad with lime dressing and crispy shallots is a close second and so are all the meals I have received from Chefs Plate. They couldn't have made cooking fresh nutritious meals at home easier, more fun, or delicious.

Thanks to Chefs Plate I can now say that I eat healthy every day instead of constantly saying I will start one day.

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