The Reasons I Tried Chefs Plate

I don't want to sound like a spoilt kid, but I'm soooo bored.

Yes, I'm super busy with work and keeping on top of everything but I'm fed up with my daily routine. It's the same thing, day in day out. I need something new that doesn't take up to much time, but is still fun and adds to my day. My options were pretty restricted, I know.

That evening as I stared at the three stale ingredients in my fridge, it hit me. I needed to spice things up in the kitchen, and what better way to do that than signing up for a meal kit. Everyone keeps saying it's the most convenient way to try new recipes, learn new cooking skills, and enjoy a tasty home-cooked meal.

My sister has tried every meal kit that delivers to her neighborhood, so she must know which one would be the best for me. In seconds she replied, " Chefs Plate, you will love it".

I checked out Chefs Plate and instantly my mouth was watering, looking through their chef-crafted weekly menu. Did I really have time to start cooking dinner every night? Chefs Plate does send all the ingredients you need, prepped and pre-portioned with easy step-by-step recipe cards. I was still on the fence, until I saw that some of the meals take only 15 minutes to cook.

With worldly recipes like Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken, Harissa-Spiced Salmon with Moroccan couscous, and Sweet Potato Sushi Bowl I knew I needed to give it a try.

These exciting new recipes were exactly what my boring day needed to shake them up!

I signed up for the Chefs Plate Classic plan as it offered the widest selection of recipes, with meals starting at only $7.74 per serving, I could choose 2,3, or 4 new recipes each week.

Getting my Chefs Plate box delivered right to my door was so much more fun than those long Sunday night grocery store lines. All the ingredients were separated according to each recipe so I had just the exact amount I needed to make them all.

It took me ages to decide which one to cook first, the recipe cards made them all look so good. My long deliberation was cut short by my rumbling stomach and I grabbed the bag of ingredients for the Spicy Chipotle Tortilla Soup with Sour Cream.

I have never made anything like it before, so I was a little worried about how it would turn out. It's one of their vegetarian dishes and I want to try more meat-free dinners, so finger-crossed I like it.

30 mins later I was sitting down to a bowl that looked very much like the picture on the recipe. After the first mouthful, I was sold, it was the nicest dish I ever cooked, (very proud of myself). I thought it was just luck but a month into using Chefs Plate and every meal has tasted so good.

Chefs Plate is exactly what my daily routine needs to spice things up.

Here are 6 more reasons why I will be keeping my Chefs Plate Subscription

Flexible subscription: you can pause, skip or cancel anytime

Cheaper and more nutritious than takeout. You can cook most of their meals in the time you'd be waiting on delivery

Lots of recipes to choose from with new ones added each week so you never get bored

You can discover and try new global cuisines. Plus, learn how to cook them

Always fresh high-quality ingredients

Fewer trips to the grocery store with all my ingredients delivered to my doorstep.

There's no scrimping on portion size, and getting the exact amount of each ingredient means zero food waste.

Update: Our friends at Chefs Plate are extending a limited time offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 6 Free Meals & Free Shipping On Your First Order!