How To Be More Sustainable By Switching To cleancult

40% of plastic produced is made for packaging.

That's 2 out of 5 pieces being created for single-use! It's absurd when you think about it. But finally, some companies are starting to do just that - think about it.

The cleaning industry is a huge culprit of environmental waste, for its plastic packaging alone. Only one company has developed an eco-friendly cleaning formula that works, housed in an eco-friendly bottle: cleancult.

They have elegant glass bottles in a rainbow of colors and neutral off-white that contain their environmentally-friendly solutions. With essential oils and carbon offsetting, cleancult is taking over the cleaning industry.

Here are the 5 reasons you should consider changing the way you clean:

1. Not All Green Cleaners Are The Same

One of the biggest complaints by people trying to go green is that eco-friendly cleaning products just don't work as well. This can absolutely be true! Formulas that boast no toxins sometimes require the entire bottle to remove a stain, thus contributing to more waste.

cleancult uses coconut oil that's gone through saponification. Coconut oil and sodium hydroxide react together to make a soap that moisturizes while cleaning thoroughly, so you don't need a larger amount to clean the same messes.

2. The most popular cleaners are some of the worst offenders

Why are so many cleaners bright blue? The dye is unnecessary, and when you use these things consistently, you never know how much you're taking in to your body. It's 2020 and we no longer need the false security of bright blue to know something's clean. Look for cleaners without dyes or toxins like parabens or phthalates.

3. It's all about the packaging

Even green, nontoxic cleaners are packaged in environmentally unconscious ways. How many "green" cleaners are still packaged in the worst offender, plastic?

If you already have reusable bottles and pumps, that's fantastic! cleancult offers just the refills in candy-bright milk cartons, or the full suite of shatter-resistant glass containers and refills that will eliminate 80% of plastic.

4. The future's in subscriptions

Instead of running out of cleaner, and buying the first thing you see at the store, get a steady supply delivered right to your home.

5. Shipping can be carbon neutral

Search for a company that does carbon neutral shipping. This means that they strive to offset 100% of the carbon emissions they create.

The nature of owning a company is that you will produce waste - we still live in a society that's not conducive to 100% eco-friendliness, but carbon neutrality is the best step towards getting there.

Want to make an individual environmental impact? Upgrading your cleaning products is a great way to go. When they come in such lovely, elegant glass or biodegradable containers and work this well, it couldn't be simpler with cleancult.

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