Give Copper Cow Coffee A Try This Holiday Season

The first coffee of the morning can determine how your whole day goes. A great cup = a great day. But decent coffee can be hard to make at home. When the barista conjures up your vanilla cold brew, a question inevitably runs through everyone's mind: How can I recreate this at home? And what fancy equipment would I need?

Our Food and Beverage editors found the answer. Meet Copper Cow Coffee.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What Is Copper Cow Coffee?

Copper Cow Coffee is simple, delicious and sustainably sourced Vietnamese coffee that lets you create the perfect cup with basic equipment. It’s deceptively easy to brew. Simply place one of their pre-filled coffee filters in a mug, pour the hot water, and voilà! — a tasty cup of high-quality Vietnamese brew. If you want a latte, no problem, just add one of Copper Cow's 100% naturally sweetened creamers.

Vietnamese coffee is served with sweetened condensed milk so this pour-over method enhances the flavor, making it richer than traditional javas. Copper Cow Coffee can be enjoyed either hot, iced, or as a cold brew.

That’s not all, Copper Cow Coffee even offers ground coffee in a universal grand size, so brew up a pot for the household or use your French Press for a delicious, single cuppa Joe.

What’s The Offer?

What Flavors Do They Have?

Copper Cow provides a range of different flavors for every occasion. Plus, there are sensational seasonal drops! All their flavors are natural and include real ingredients, no sprays, or artificial essences.

  • Pour-Over Coffee arrives in packs of 8 with 5 different flavors. Choose between Classic Black, Vanilla, Lavender, Churro, and Salted Caramel
  • The latest offering — Ground Coffee — is available in Classic Black, Vanilla, Churro, and Salted Caramel
  • The Latte contains 5 pour-over coffee filters and 5 sweetened milk creamers. It arrives in a range of different flavors which even include seasonal dops. The 10 classic flavors, which include Moca, Rosemary, Chai, Matcha, Classic Decaf, Classic Black, Vanilla, Lavender, Churro, and Salted Caramel are always avaliable.

Copper Cow Coffee — arrives with a Best Brews Latte Sampler. Plus, it comes with a mystery bag — an intriguing flavor experiment.

Our Verdict

Copper Cow Coffee certainly has our seal of approval. Their tasty flavors and easy-to-use pour-over coffee filters beat the baristas hands down. The best part is the convenience of taking it on the go. You can carry the filters and shelf-stable creamers with you into your day.

They have a fantastic subscription model. By subscribing you receive 20% off, free samples with each delivery and early access to new product launches.

Don’t settle for second-rate coffee, sign up for Copper Cow Coffee!

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