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Slim, Stylish and Smart — How I Found the Perfect Wallet For Women After Losing It All

I was never one of those girls who lugged around a huge purse with a wallet the size of a toaster. Even when someone gave me an expensive designer wallet, I thought it was too bulky and I was constantly afraid I’d leave it somewhere.

And last year, that's exactly what happened. I ended up losing my wallet – and everything in it. It took over a month to replace all my cards. Since then, I’ve given up on big, impractical wallets and just carry my cards in my pocket.

Recently, I was out with my friend Sam who was raving about her new Ekster Aluminum Cardholder. It's not only sturdy but sleek and thin — exactly the combination I needed.

Beautiful as it is, I was still worried about misplacing it and losing all my cards again. That's when Sam told me that Ekster’s wallets use ingenious tracking technology. By adding their Tracker Card to the Aluminum Cardholder, you can track your wallet worldwide with Ekster's global system. It can even be paired with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri.

The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder ($71 $89)

Sam was so enthusiastic that I had to check out Ekster’s site. Here’s what I’ve discovered about the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder:

RFID Skimming Protection — Protect against identity theft

Since contactless payments are the norm, I’m constantly worried about my identity being stolen. I regularly check my online banking and whenever my card declines I’m freaking out — thinking about the worst possible scenario.

So when I realized that the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder comes with an integrated RFID blocking layer that fends off data skimmers, I had to have it. Carrying my cards in a wallet with RFID protection ensures I can have peace of mind when working, traveling, and making everyday transactions.

Wallet Theft — Avoid getting a stolen wallet

After losing my wallet, I told myself never again!

This is where Ekster’s Tracker Card comes in. First of all, it’s solar powered; 3 hours of sunlight and it works for 2 months. Thanks to the Tracker Card I can ring my wallet from my phone, use my phone to find my wallet on a map, and get notified right away as soon as I leave my wallet behind. This is genius!

Goodbye bulky, inconvenient wallet, hello slim Aluminum Cardholder

When I saw that Ekster offers free returns and a 12-month warranty, I went ahead and ordered the Metallic Rose Aluminum Cardholder and an Ekster Tracker Card. But there are lots of colorways to choose from; Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Graphite, Classic Black — to name a few.

The Aluminum Cardholder holds up to 12 cards that pop out with the press of a button, and has a silicone band to hold my occasional cash. I have to say, the card pop-up feature is super convenient. I definitely don't miss fumbling around at the cash register.

At only 0.29" thick, it slips into my jacket pocket or rides along in one of my cute — but tiny — purses. And should you accidentally drop it in the street, Ekster’s high-quality space-grade aluminum is so durable a car can run over it without a dent!

Plus, now when I misplace it, I simply speak into my phone and my tracker pulls it up on a map! It gives me so much peace of mind.

Here’s what other people are saying about this wallet:

“This wallet is incredible! ….The tracker card works perfectly and now I know exactly where my wallet is at all times. This wallet is a 10 out of 10, I’d definitely purchase it again!"

- C. Ridge

“It's cool looking, very well made, and just better. The tracking card is also a great product and gives me a sense of security.”

- T. Powell

“Very pleased with my Ekster wallet! Not only does it debulk my pocket, but the card fan feature makes it super easy for me to access my cards. . . This is definitely one of my best buy-moments in my life for sure."

- M. Kenui

The Ekster Parliament Wallet ($71 $89)

Ekster has a ton of other stylish wallets. I recently gifted my boyfriend with their Parliament Wallet because I couldn’t stand his old one. It was stuffed with business cards, and notes with his passcodes, and bills — and every time he flipped it open, half of his cards fell out!

The Parliament’s pocket-sized design makes it ideal for life on the go. And it’s made with top-quality leather, so it looks really sharp — he loves it!

It comes in 7 classic colors, 3 matte colors, and 3 prime Tuscan leather options. Fit for all occasions the Parliament quickly became one of his everyday carry essentials.

Final Thoughts

We’re so happy with our new Ekster Wallets. With their compact size, quick card access mechanism, RFID protection, and effortless sophistication, they’re the smartest smart wallets on the planet.

This is an upgrade you will not regret and makes the perfect gift. So, be sure to check out Ekster!

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