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If You Like Pampers Or Dyper, You’ll Love Coterie

This post is in partnership with Coterie. We only endorse products we believe in.

  • Our editors thought Pampers and Dyper were the best diapers out there — but Coterie is clearly the winner
  • To find out why you need to try Coterie — read on...

Every parent’s heard all about Pampers — the brand you’ll find on the grocery store shelves. Another one that has become popular for their use of plant-based materials is Dyper.

Although they both seemed good enough, we wanted a brand that puts your baby’s needs first and is completely transparent about its materials and tech. After a ton of investigation, we found Coterie.

What truly impressed us is that Coterie’s diapers have up to double the capacity of their competitors. And, supermodel mom Ashley Graham adores them, “Coterie is soft enough for my boys’ sensitive booties and absorbent enough to keep blowouts and leaks to a minimum. I am literally obsessed and am telling you these are a mommy’s must have!!!”

Here’s why you should ditch Pampers and Dyper because you’ll fall in love with Coterie:


Coterie has a higher capacity than other brands, which can mean fewer changes needed throughout the day. Coterie diapers help prevent massive blowouts and leaks with their high absorbency design and snug fit. The diapers are designed with side cuffs that prevent leaks, quick-wicking tech, center strips that turn blue when the diaper needs changing, and a breathable top sheet that protects your baby’s sensitive skin.

Coterie’s higher absorbency technology holds in messes for a lot longer allowing your babies to be comfortable. Your little ones might even sleep through the night — and give you some much-needed rest.


Pampers and Dyper both promise that their products are safe for your baby. Although Dyper has bamboo materials, toxic chemicals are used to convert bamboo into viscose, resulting in more pollution and other environmental worries*. Pampers, on the other hand, doesn’t release a safety report, unlike Coterie who publishes a report that details all their safety measures.

Coterie diapers are made with 25% plant-based ingredients, contain soft materials, and are free from skin-harming ingredients like chlorine, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, and heavy metals.


Coterie diapers cost a bit more than Pampers and Dyper. But when you take into account the premium materials and high tech, it’s worth it.

Their diapers are quick-drying which helps reduce rashes and you might even be able to ditch your diaper cream! With a Coterie subscription, you save 10% and get free shipping on orders over $49. Plus, you can opt for SMS order management, which is perfect for all busy parents.

Dyper and Pampers may be popular, but Coterie’s minimalist, premium diapers are the smartest choice.

So choose the best diaper for your little one and go with Coterie!

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