Being Able To Customize My Hint Bundle Has Been A Game Changer

My crazy kids! They drive me nuts, but sure keep me on my toes. One Saturday morning, my twelve-year-old, Beth, and the twins were playing outside and dumped out a week's worth of recycling on our back deck. I was horrified! All I could see was the blatant evidence of my diet soda habit - up to three cans a day!

As a mom, life will always be stressful; that's a given. I often arrive home late and exhausted, so sometimes I let the kids eat junk instead of dinner. Then they wash it down with sugary juices or pop.

I felt like a total loser mom, with sorely lacking parenting skills. We had to do something about the trash we were putting into our bodies.

So Beth and I jumped online to search for healthier drinks. Wow, did we hit the jackpot. We discovered Hint's unsweetened, flavored water. The water is infused with delicious fruit oils that are derived from the peel, and are available in still, sparkling, and caffeinated versions. It sounded like such a healthy option for the family - no sugar, diet sweeteners, preservatives, or calories. And Beth was thrilled that their bottles are BPA-free.

We were hesitant to order online, but she reminded me about the hassle of lugging cases of soda to and from the car. Hint delivers, and the shipping is free! So, we signed up at an excellent discount. We went for a few 12 packs of their options.

You can choose all of the same flavors, or you can mix and match to sample the various options they have to offer. With so many delicious blends to choose from, we tried their new customer deal where you can pick 3 different flavors. And why not? It only costs $1 a bottle!

When the water arrived, we were ready for the taste-test. The twins shot an "unboxing" for social media. My little stars had set out an assortment of Hint flavors on the counter for us to try. Talk about LOVE at first sip! You should have heard the shouts of surprise and delight about the fresh taste, that touch of flavor.

We are such fans, we revisited their website and ordered all the flavors that appealed to us. Beth prefers Blackberry and Pineapple, while the twins go wild for Watermelon, Raspberry, and Crisp Apple. As for myself, I'm out of my mind over the Cherry. No-wait, Lemon. No, the Peach. Peach is definitely the yummiest. I even brought a case to work - my colleagues steal it from the fridge!

I can't believe how many bottles my family and I drink on a daily basis. Drinking Hint is like drinking water but with a zest of flavor. We can have as much as we want without feeling guilty. We subscribed to get the 3-case bundle so we won't run out. Hint meets our hydration needs with no aftertaste, no diet sweeteners, and no sugar. We're healthier and happier than we've ever been.

New Offer: The folks at Hint are offering a special promotion to our readers! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for $36 PLUS free shipping!