Shopping for a new bra - how hard can it be? The answer for most women is, it's a struggle. No matter your size, a perfect fit can feel impossible to find, and even if you do, you're often sacrificing another element like design or quality.

So many of us settle for larger sizes in the least flattering colors and styles, while others who need smaller cups are inundated with overly padded bras. Our editors run the range in bra size and have found the brand that does it all and does it right - meet CUUP.

CUUP does minimalist bras for every cup size A to H and band size 30 to 38 (with 40 and 42 bands also in the works!). Not only can everyone find their fit, but the 5 signature silhouettes are made to be flattering on all bodies and come in high-quality fabrics your skin will love. You'll get support no matter your chest size, and once you grab your favorites in basic neutrals, you can collect their color pop drops.

Here's a review from a few of our editors and why CUUP works for everyone:

The Woman With The Impossible Size Dilemma

Favorite: The Balconette Bra

Experience: I can never find a well-fitting, stylish bra in my size. 38DD is a hard size to come by since I need cups that are on one end of the spectrum and my band is the total opposite. Whenever I do find a bra that fits, it's not my style and smaller boutiques that cater to me charge $100+ per bra. CUUP has been a game-changer, to say the least.

I can get my size in all of their bra styles and in every color. I'm always hesitant shopping online for my larger bust but CUUP's Fit Quiz helped me find the perfect size for their line (from experience I know my bra size changes between brands). All I had to do was answer questions about my current bra include brand, size, and more detailed fit information.

Turns out I'm a 36F at CUUP which surprised me at first. Wouldn't that big of a cup make my boobs look even bigger? I checked reviews and decided to trust CUUP's quiz (I also read they're great at exchanges if I needed to).

I ended up falling in love with the Balconette silhouette. This bra finally brings back sexy to larger cup sizes! Its sheer mesh fabric is high-quality, the underwire is lightweight, and it totally supports my more bottom-heavy breast shape. There's no crazy padding and the Fit Quiz got it right. I ordered it in the Blush color to start off as an everyday bra but quickly added the Leopard and Clay colors to my wardrobe - this is a bra I'd love to be seen in.

The Woman Searching For Natural Lift

Favorite: The Plunge Bra

Experience: I'm not looking for the world's cutest bra, but I am on the hunt for the perfect lift - one where it doesn't feel like I've got a bra on (AKA the dream). I'm a 36A, so I've been able to find bras, but the smaller cups are always overly padded. I just want to work with what I've got and embrace that natural shape.

CUUP totally delivered for me when it comes to my major bra needs. Their Plunge bra especially gives me the lift I've been dreaming of, and it's super comfortable. I was defaulting to going braless before CUUP because I hated sacrificing comfort for support, but now that's not a problem.

The Plunge silhouette fits like a bralette but way better. No frilly fabric and lace, just strong power mesh conforming to my body and making me feel secure but not restricted like most bras for smaller cup sizes. The flexible underwire fits so nicely. I've never found a wired bra that didn't dig into my armpits and of such good quality I knew it wouldn't break in a matter of months.

I'll be wearing this V-neckline under all my outfits and feel confident doing it.

The Woman Who Needs An Everyday Bra

Favorite: The Scoop Bra

Experience: I've got tons of bras, everything from push-ups to strapless. However, the one thing that's eluded me has been the perfect everyday bra. I tried going with wireless options as they're always promoted for comfort, but I found that I lost so much lift and shape that I ended up feeling more uncomfortable and self-conscious. Thankfully, I started to see CUUP popping up more and more on my Instagram feed.

At first, I was hesitant. CUUP's sheer mesh fabric looked chic, but I wasn't sure how I felt about the see-through element. That's when I discovered their Scoop silhouette, made of an opaque microfiber so I could still get the fit and support everyone was raving about but more in my comfort zone. The Scoop goes perfectly under my everyday outfits, especially U-shaped necklines, and features a flattering rounded back.

With a size 34C chest, I have many options when it comes to bras, but I choose to go with CUUP for the best comfort. No matter what I'm doing - lounging, going out, or heading to work, I can put on the Scoop bra and feel comfortable with that buttery fabric and signature CUUP support.

Final Thoughts

Every woman can embrace their bodies in a CUUPsilhouette with tons of classic colors to choose from and fun limited edition colors that drop throughout the year. You can't go wrong with a brand that takes minimalism and intentional design to the next level.

Shop from CUUP and you'll never want to wear any other bra - trust us, they're amazing.

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