Our Editors Tried Vuori. Here’s What They Discovered

Trust us, we know not every guy wants to keep wearing the same old university tee and ratty old shorts to the gym.

Looking for a brand that has it all? Meet our new must-have: Vuori. This activewear company consciously creates clothes that fit well and are designed to take you everywhere.

Their flattering tees, joggers, and athletic shorts give you every basic staple you'd ever need in your wardrobe and then some.

Below, you'll find all of the Vuori pieces three of our editors tested and their honest reviews:

The Athletic Guy

Favorite Feature: Tech

Experience: From performance sneakers to premium tanks, I have it all, which is why I was surprised I had never heard of Vuori.

After looking through all of their offerings, the Kore Shorts were what caught my attention. An avid soccer and rugby player, I know first hand that the shorts you wear during a game are essential.

Undoubtedly, Vuori's Kore Shorts are up for the challenge. Besides the classic fit, that falls just above my knee, what I love best about this pair of shorts is the moisture-wicking tech. No matter how much I sweat, the shorts never cling to my body or feel heavy.

I could run a marathon in these and they would still be dry by the time I crossed the finish line. Plus, they come in 10+ colors, so there's a pair to go with anything.

The Anti-Shopper

Favorite Feature: One-Stop-Shop

Experience: What attracted me most to Vuori was that it could streamline all my shopping needs.

Vuori's lineup doesn't just include athletic shorts and tees, but high-performance pants, hoodies, and jackets. Vuori'sStrato Tech Teefeatures UPF 30 and their comfortable Ponto Performance Pant are definitely great additions to any closet.

Both pieces are versatile enough to wear around the house or to a HIIT class. Vuoriworks both for the convenience and the adaptability of its lineup.

The Outdoorsy One

Favorite Feature: Seasonal Options

Experience: My nickname at the office is 'Mountain Man Mike' because you name any outdoor activity, I've done it. So I was already familiar with Vuori and their amazing athleticwear - I recommend it to the novice hiker or the established traveler.

My favorite Vuori piece would have to be the Daybreak Windbreaker. With a UPF of 50+ and its instant-dry technology, this jacket helps you on extra sunny days or during an unexpected downpour.

It's made for every season and pairs great with Vuori's Sunday Performance Joggers for a complete look that will keep you comfortably prepared for whatever adventure life throws at you.

I always bring these two pieces along to face any conditions head-on.

The bottom line is that Vuori's activewear is a key part of any wardrobe. Their lineup is made from high-quality materials, complete with understated designs that exude confidence.

No matter if you're looking to stay fit, complete your dream hike, or comfortably lounge, Vuori has something to make every man look good.

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