Peach? Strawberry? Grapefruit? Plum? Discover Your Favorite Soju Flavor Now

We're not sure when it happened but Soju has become a major element of the Asian-American social culture in recent years.

It's become a cultural staple along with the K-Pop hits topping the charts, and the K-Dramas dominating Netflix. However Soju goes beyond our late night binges of Crash Landing On You. Whether casually catching up with old friends or an all out party, Soju is always there. When a beer is too casual, wine too formal, and shots too crazy, Soju says "you are my friend" just at the right volume.

Halfway between liquor and wine, on average its ABV is 20% and it's usually flavored. Great over ice, in mixed drinks, or cocktails, you generally drink it in shots . . . I pour you a glass, you pour me a glass, we toast, drink, laugh, then do it again. And boom! - the bottle's empty.

But if you don't live in a big city, or happen to have Korean supermarkets near you, where do you find Soju? Have you ever had to buy Soju from restaurants at a ridiculous markup? Have you ever just been craving it and think damn ...

What to do then!?! Well, there's a brilliant answer: Drizly, America's # 1 app for alcohol delivery. They'll help you find the best soju, at the best price, closest to you, and then deliver it in 60 minutes or less.

And if you're a soju newbie, why not try it in a refreshing fruit flavor? Simply search soju on Drizly's site and up pops pages and pages of amazing results.

We honed in on the latest trend and sampled an array of refreshing fruit-flavored sojus.

Here are our five fave flavors:

Chum Churum Peach Soju

The third best-selling spirit in the world, Chum Churum is made of alkaline water and sweet potato with added natural peach juice. Delicious? That's Chum Churum's middle name!

peach soju

Chum Churum Strawberry Soju

If the peach soju flipped you out, give the strawberry a try. It delivers the deliciously crisp flavor of Strawberry in every sip.

strawberry soju

Chum Churum Apple Soju

Infused with fresh, sweet-tasting apples and featuring a 12% alcohol volume, Chum Churum worked a neat twist on the classic soju experience. Grapefruit's the most popular fruit-infused soju in Korea . . . and Jinro's Grapefruit Soju is why.

apple soju

Soon Hari Yogurt Soju

Yakult flavored soju. If you are Asian, this needs no more explanation.

yogurt soju

Jinro Green Grape Soju

Sweet green grape meets morning dew for a discreet and delightful taste sensation. A really fine intro for the soju newbie.

green grape soju

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