Dr. Squatch Is The Soap Every Guy Needs This Summer

The sun is out and the world is warming up again which means it's time for a HOT BOY SUMMER.

Yes, that's right the time has come to (safely) emerge post-quarantine, and the new you also deserves a new scent.

We've turned to Dr. Squatch to up our scent-game with their line of natural soaps that are far from the ordinary drug-store brands. Made in the USA, these handmade soaps are exactly what you need to refresh your shower routine.

Imagine stepping out of the shower after using their Cool Fresh Aloe, Grapefruit IPA, or Cedar Citrus - so refreshing! With the heat turning up you're gonna be washing up more this season so you wanna use soaps that feel good, smell great, and actually leave you feeling clean.

We also love Dr. Squatch's tried-and-true scents like Pine Tar, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt, and Cold Brew Cleanse. These three pack an extra punch with next-level exfoliation to keep your skin feeling fresh, which is a must for hot boy summer. Especially with all the extra sweat, dirt, and grime… you need to stay on top of your skin.

When you switch to Dr. Squatch you get access to their amazing subscription option and shower boosters (making this long-lasting soap stick around even longer). With the subscription you choose between having your soap shipped every month or every 3 months so that you never run out. Plus, you save 15% and get free shipping on all orders, which is a major steal.

Ready to make the switch before sweat season is in full-force? Save 15% + free shipping when you subscribe to Dr. Squatch today!