4 Reasons Why We Love Drizly

2020 forced us to reinvent ourselves in a lot of ways. If you weren't somebody that ordered everything online before, chances are, you are now.

Online delivery services have been a godsend, and while you have been busy stocking up on paper towels and other boring daily essentials, you might not have realized you can have your alcohol delivered too!

Drizly, America's #1 app for alcohol, brings the liquor store to you. Whether you're looking for a full-bodied red to drink with that steak you're cooking tonight, or just want to unwind with a glass of single malt, Drizly has got you covered.

Here are 4 reasons why Drizly is our top delivery service pick for 2021

Amazing selection of alcohol

Drizly aggregates all of the liquor stores in your area into one place - their easy-to-use website and app. You can sort by alcohol type, price, or search for your favorite brand. Gone are the days of going to 3 different stores looking for a bottle of Lagavulin.

Drizly gives you the ability to compare prices and inventory between many stores in your area, so you can find that special bottle you were looking for for the most reasonable price. They have every type of beer, wine, and liquor you can imagine - incredible Scottish whiskeys, wines to pair perfectly with any meal, local craft beers, and even champagne.

When you create an account, Drizly will keep all of your past orders on file, making reordering as easy as a click of a button.

Find your new go-to bottle from the comfort of your home

If you're someone that loves the experience of discovering a new bottle, you can still get that fun, browsing experience you normally get at the store with Drizly.

Take your time, sit back, and read through their in-depth product descriptions, tasting notes, cocktail recipes, and customer reviews. You can feel good knowing you're still supporting your local business, just in a way that's more convenient for you.

Fast delivery, skip the trip to the store

Doesn't one less trip to the store sound ideal right about now? Drizly's fast delivery is perfect when you need something last minute, or if you just wanna stock up the bar cart for the weekend. You can schedule deliveries in advance, or order for immediate delivery and have it at your door in an hour or less. Plus, Drizly offers contact-less delivery. All drivers are required to practice COVID-safe procedures.

Bring the going-out experience to your home

Like so many people, you're probably missing the experience of going to a restaurant or bar and trying a new cocktail. With Drizly, you can shop for extras like mixers, lemons, limes - even ice - that'll help you curate the perfect cocktail at home. Craving a Dark & Stormy? Just add a bottle of dark rum and some ginger beer to your cart and pour yourself your favorite cocktail right from your own kitchen.

A nice drink in the evening can be the perfect ending to a great day, and with Drizly, it's never been more convenient. Drizly gives you all of the benefits of shopping at your local liquor store, with the added benefit of home delivery and the ability to see any store's inventory in one location. So sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite drink without having to leave your home from Drizly.

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