4 Reasons Drizly Is Our Go-To Delivery Service

These days you can have just about anything delivered - and alcohol is no exception. Drizly brings the liquor store to you. And if you can have drinks delivered right to your door, why wouldn't you? My point exactly!

Drizly has saved our evenings at home more times than we can count. Here are four reasons we love the way they do the things they do.


Drizly provides all of the benefits of browsing the shelves of your local liquor store without having to leave your couch. Their website and app will display all your local liquor stores. Sort by alcohol type and price or search out your favorite brand.

Plus, once you create an account, Drizly keeps a file of your past orders, which makes reordering a breeze. Can’t recall the name of that Prosecco you really liked about three months ago? That red wine from somewhere in Germany? That smooth Kentucky bourbon with the cool label? No worries if you can’t - because Drizly can.

Compare All The Stores In Your Area

Drizly shows you what’s available in your area, so you’re choosing from a massive array of beer, wines, and spirits. If your usual go-to store doesn't have that bottle you want, you can easily find it at another store. You can order items from multiple stores on the Drizly site, which means you're bound to find what you're looking for.

By giving you access to so many different liquor stores, you can find the best deals around.

Fast Delivery

Your buddies are over for the big game. Your team’s winning . Half-time’s swiftly approaching. When you hear “We’re outta beer!” But don’t worry - Drizly will bring the beers of your choice directly to your door in 60 minutes or less. They’re super-fast.

Drizly is the perfect solution for last-minute occasion . . . or if you're simply too comfy to move. You can even schedule orders two weeks in advance, making it perfect for all of you planners out there.

Recommendations and + shop for extras

We all have our good old reliables, but why not switch it up? If you're in the mood to push the envelope, Drizly’s here for you. Review recommended new products on the site, find adventurous recipes or read the profiles or customer reviews for every product.

Another Reason We Dig Drizly

They also deliver snacks and mixers. Anything a liquor store has, they can deliver. They’ve got it covered from start to finish, making your next big party or an intimate Netflix night at home the perfect experience. Plus, you can feel good knowing you're supporting local businesses when you’re using Drizly.

There are so many great reasons to give Drizly a try. What are you waiting for?