Regardless of whether or not I have access to a car, I find myself ordering a Lyft pretty much every other day. Like most of us know, it can really add up! That's why I was so happy when my friend told me that Ebates, the #1 Cash Back app, is partnering with Lyft! Yup, that means $1 Cash Back on every Lyft ride.

Ebates is an online shopping app that works with 2,500+ stores offering customers Cash Back on all purchases. Cash Back is sent directly to your PayPal account, or Ebates just mails you a check. It's that easy.

So, what does the partnership with Lyft mean? Huge savings! If you've never used Lyft, you'll get $20 Cash Back when you sign up and take your first ride through Ebates, which you can download for free. You'll then earn $1 Cash Back on every ride after that through Ebates!

If you already have Lyft then just download the Ebates app and you'll earn $1 Cash Back on every Lyft ride, no matter what.

Lyft and Ebates are saving you your hard-earned cash, so take advantage by shopping in the back of your Lyft to make extra money while living the good life.

Earn $20 Cash Back on your first-ever ride with Lyft!

Plus, Earn $1 Cash Back on every ride after that!

Only available with the Ebates App!

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