Which Mattress Should You Buy? TEMPUR-breeze Or Eight Sleep

A growing number of people have been suffering from sleep issues recently, and many are looking to their mattresses to help them identify and remedy their problems.

There are fantastic innovations going on in the mattress world. From memory foam mattresses and smart mattresses to ones focused on cooling, there are plenty of mattress developments and solutions out there.

After an internet-wide deep dive, we came across The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep and TEMPUR-breeze, the two main contenders in this space.

Our editors compared and contrasted the two brands to see which we’d recommend.

Key Similarities:

  • Both mattresses have cooling capabilities
  • Both mattresses come in various sizes
  • Both mattresses support spinal alignment

Key Differences:

  • The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep has Dual Zone technology that heats or cools either side of the mattress separately
  • TEMPUR-breeze completely cools the entire mattress
  • Eight Sleep tracks your sleep and your Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability
  • TEMPUR-breeze requires a separate device for these features
  • Eight Sleep has GentleRise™ technology that acts as a gentle smart alarm
  • The Pod 3 queen-sized mattress by Eight Sleep costs $3,295
  • TEMPUR-breeze queen-sized mattress costs $5,099

The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep Overview

This smart cooling mattress is super impressive. It’s both a heating and cooling mattress. Its sensors measure the room temperature, allowing the Pod to automatically adjust your bed’s temperature to match your ideal thermal environment.

Its Dual-Zone cooling and heating technology allows you to control the temperature on each separate side of the mattress from 55-110 degrees. So, no more fighting over the thermostat with your partner!

You can manage everything with the Eight Sleep app on your smartphone. The app tracks sleep stats and physical wellness factors such as Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability. Plus, you can even connect your mattress to your smart coffee maker and have a piping hot cup of joe waiting for you when you shuffle into the kitchen every morning.

The premium 5-layer foam mattress helps relieve pressure points and offers the perfect back support with medium firmness. One editor was thrilled that they’d slept a whole 8 hours straight through on the Pod 3 - definitely due to the temperature control! They normally toss and turn for hours in the wee hours of the morning. Who knew finding the right temperature is all we need?

Another unique Pod 3 feature is the GentleRise™ technology which naturally awakens your body by gradually cooling down the mattress with gentle vibrations at the chest level. No more setting 10 alarms on your phone or drinking 3 shots of espresso first thing in the AM!

Technology: 9.7/10, Comfort: 9.6/10, Affordability: 8/10, Overall Rating: 9.6/10

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TEMPUR-Breeze Overview

The TEMPUR-breeze mattress was built to regulate the micro-climate between your mattress and your covers for a cooler high-quality night’s sleep. Our editors got to choose between Probreeze and Luxbreeze.

So we went with the Luxbreeze from TEMPUR, which feels up to 8 degrees cooler than the outside temperature making it easier to fall asleep. Their PureCool+™ Technology absorbs excessive heat and enables greater airflow.

The mattress features unique layers of proprietary TEMPUR® material originally developed by NASA that conforms to your body to relieve pressure. It even has moisture-absorbent properties to provide a better night's sleep.

You can add a smart base to the bed which senses snoring and automatically adjusts the bed to raise your head to a position that may reduce that pesky snoring.

If you’re looking for other health matrices, TEMPUR-Pedic's Sleeptracker®-AI can help. Simply connect to your phone and then place it under your mattress - which seems to us like an awful lot of equipment and extra work.

Technology: 7.4/10, Comfort: 8/10, Affordability: 6/10, Overall Rating: 7.4/10

Final Verdict

We can’t deny that both mattresses are comfortable. However, we’re recommending the Pod 3 by Eight Sleep.

The Pod 3 has tons of innovative features that - TBH - the TEMPUR-breeze mattress lacks. Eight Sleep’s Dual-Zone technology allows you and your partner to both be comfortable. Then there’s the revolutionary GentleRise™ tech that wakes you up naturally. Thanks to this feature we actually wake up refreshed every single day!

At $3,295 for a Queen-sized mattress, the Pod 3 by Eight Sleep is the more affordable option. Whereas, the TEMPUR-breeze mattress costs $5,099! $2K difference for less tech?!? What a serious no-brainer.

Another fun fact about the Pod 3 is that it won’t run up your energy bills. It actually works out cheaper than running the A/C or heater all night. This is an awesome investment that will pay off, literally.

If you’ve been looking for a smart or cooling mattress, check out the best of the best, the Pod 3 by Eight Sleep. They also offer a more affordable model; the Pod Pro, which is a little less advanced, but still offers unmatched features that keep you cool and cozy during the night.