Ekster Vs. The Bifold Wallet - Where To Put Your Money

From iPhones to TVs, watches, and even refrigerators, almost everything we use these days is 'smart.' But does your wallet need to be smart?

It’s a question you might ask yourself when comparing your faded, oversized traditional bifold to one of Ekster's premium smart wallets.

Ekster is a sophisticated accessories brand that merges premium quality with functionality and the latest smart technology to create the next evolution of wallets.

Here's why you need to trade in your ratty bifold for an Ekster wallet:

Key Differences:

  • Ekster wallets are unlosable with a voice-activated tracker
  • Traditional bifold wallets aren’t trackable
  • Ekster wallets feature an RFID blocking layer that fends off data skimmers
  • Bifolds are much thicker and more uncomfortable in your pockets
  • Ekster offers various wallet styles, including an aluminum option

Bifold Wallets:

The standard design of most bifold wallets has not been changed in decades: they hold your money, IDs, and even a few cute pictures and small mementos but offer no additional utility.

Despite their longtime popularity, we can't overlook the downsides to a traditional bifold like their bulky size and out-of-style aesthetic. No one wants a wallet impression in their favorite pair of jeans.

We did fall in love with a few premium leather bifold options but each cost an arm and a leg, and we aren't looking to break the bank just to store a bit of cash and hold our go-to cards.

More importantly, bifold wallets are virtually useless once they've been lost, misplaced, or worse, stolen. Not only will you lose out on whatever cash you had, but there’s also the hassle of replacing any IDs and credit cards.


From their Modular Bifold wallet, which features a classic design, to their innovative Senate cardholder, Ekster creates sophisticated, in-style smart wallets for both men and women.

No matter if you go with a classic leather look or a sleek aluminum aesthetic, they're all ultra-slim and will seamlessly fit in your pockets without any unwanted bulging.

Most Ekster wallets can hold up to 10 cards, and many include an easy-access button that can fan out your cards! Even better, Ekster wallets also have RFID protection, which stops hackers from swiping your data and electronic theft of your cards.

With Ekster wallets starting at just $69, they may cost more than your traditional bifold but make up for it with all of their cutting-edge tech.

However, what we really appreciated about Ekster was the addition of their Tracker Card.

The Ekster Tracker Card (solar-powered and will last up to 2 months off of 3 hours of sunlight) is essential for anyone who wants to avoid the dreaded feeling that accompanies a lost wallet. All you have to do is ask Siri or Alexa where your wallet is and you'll be able to track your wallet from your phone via Bluetooth and Global Lost-and-Found network connection. It’s the size of a credit card and fits perfectly into Eskter's main accessories. The tracker card also works both ways, with the ability to ping your phone from your wallet if it were to get misplaced.


If you just need something to hold your credit cards and cash, then going with a traditional bifold wallet will get the job done. The classic design that has remained the same for decades does keep things simple, but who wants to settle?

However, after looking into both, the preferred choice is clear. Ekster is the only brand out there offering tracking capabilities, RFID blocking, and easy card access, all wrapped in premium leather or cutting-edge stainless steel.

An Ekster wallet is so much more than your Dad's go-to wallet. Let’s face it, these smart devices streamline our lives, give us access to the world around us, and even free up more time for all of us to focus on what’s important to us.

Upgrade your wallet today with Ekster and embrace the smart style.

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