Ekster's Laptop Sleeve Is The Ultimate Workplace Accessory

Vintage looking accessories are rarely as practical as modern ones. That's why Ekster's accessories are so great, they're super hi-tech without sacrificing the classic look. Their smart wallets are the best on the market due to their amazing features. They come with RFID blocking technology and a tracker card, making them safe from data theft and virtually unlosable.

Ekster has truly nailed the smart wallet game. The Modular Bifold and Parliament wallets boast unique features such as the button that pops up your cards for easy access, and the removable magnetic card sleeve that allows for optional extra storage.

Constantly innovating to keep up with trends and consumers' needs, Ekster's now branching out into other cutting edge accessories. They've just released a Laptop Sleeve. Like their wallets, it's not your basic run-of-the-mill - it's stylish and convenient.

Eksterproducts scream practicality. Their wallets are praised for being bulk-free, and that's exactly how they designed this laptop sleeve. By looking at it, you'd never know how much it holds. Its elastic strap fits everything from cables, chargers, pens, your mouse, to notebooks. Plus, there are more hidden pockets inside for your cash and tracker card. Yet it looks super sleek and slim.

The tracking card itself is seriously impressive. It's solar-powered, so it only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months. You can track it worldwide with Ekster's global system. Pair it with your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, and the instant you realize your wallet or laptop is missing, simply speak a command into your phone and your tracker will pull it up on a map.

The Ekster Laptop Sleeve has a microfibre padding that protects it from scratches, and a secure but discreet magnetic closure to keep dust out. It's designed for 13" laptops, tablets, and other tech accessories. There are even cut-out indents for charging on-the-go.

With this laptop sleeve, your stuff will be super organized and easy to access. Everything is neatly laid out, so you won't need to waste 5 minutes untangling your charger. It's built to make your workday seamless and stress-free.

Made with premium leather, the sleeve suits Ekster's classic aesthetic, and it comes in Nappa Black, Juniper Green, and Classic Brown. The best part is, it's only $87. Plus, Ekster offers a 12-month warranty on all their products and free US shipping over $50.

The next time you walk into Starbucks to do some work, if you want to feel organized and look super smart, we'd recommend Ekster's Laptop Sleeve.

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