When I moved into my first university apartment, it took me a while to settle in. It was the first time I was living by myself, which meant that I easily fell victim to the "uni diet."

I either ordered pick-up or made very cheap microwaveable food each day. It wasn't any way to live and I knew that if I wanted to grow up, I would have to take action. Granted, part of the reason I indulged in these foods (besides all of the fats, haha) was the level of convenience and affordability. As a university student, the last thing I wanted to do was over-spend on food.

One day, while watching TV at my friend Rory's apartment, I noticed a brightly colored box sitting in the corner. I asked him what it was and he told me it was a meal kit. I'd heard of meal kits at that point, but I always looked at them as something for parents - I got a fun family cooking vibe from them.

Rory began telling me that his meal kit was delivered by EveryPlate, a brand new meal kit dedicated to creating 'simple home-cooked meals for the value-conscious and fuss-free customer.' Honestly, I was pretty surprised to see Rory with a meal kit. He was the kind of guy who lived on nachos and Moo Shu Pork, but that night he literally cooked a meal for me. It was amazing. I was in complete awe, so I decided to try EveryPlate for myself.

After ordering my first meal kit from EveryPlate and opening it for the first time, I was immediately impressed. Unlike other meal kits, EveryPlate's recipes only have 4 steps. All ingredients are incredibly simple, there's minimal prep, and it usually takes no longer than 30 minutes! In fact, I appreciated how there were fewer ingredients. It made it much simpler to maneuver--especially for an amateur like myself.

The first meal I made for myself was chicken parmigiana. As I unpacked the ingredients and read the instructions, I felt a little daunted by the premise of cooking for myself. However, after 30 minutes of seamless cooking, my dinner was ready and looked incredibly delicious. I was honestly shocked at how well it came out. Thanks to EveryPlate's simple process, I realized that I could make delicious meals without any of the hassle.

The next day, I took to my computer to increase my frequency for order. Options included 3, 4, 5, or 6 meals a week--and without a second thought, I chose 6. I remember my friend Sam asked if I would get tired of EveryPlate after eating it 6 times a week, but after a month-long subscription, I'm happy to say that this is exactly what I needed.

EveryPlate is available for as low as $4.99 a meal--making it one of the most affordable meal kits out there. Not only is the price point great, but the quality is superb. Above all else, EveryPlate's convenience easily won me over. My workload can often stretch into overtime, forcing me to skip a meal just so I can stay productive. With EveryPlate's frequency options for deliver, I never have to worry about this ever again!

Everything about EveryPlate is simple. The ingredients, the process, the delivery. Nothing is more complicated than it needs to be, and for someone who could barely boil water a month ago, that is invaluable.

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