Everyone Loves The Bed, By Thuma - Here’s Why

Most of us buy furniture that’s not meant to last forever; it’s not too much trouble rebuying a coffee table or a desk every now and again. But investing in lasting furniture is something we should all do, especially when it comes to our bed frame. Finding the right bed can be such a challenge, especially with deciding between all of the prices, styles, and qualities.

Our editors have been doing a lot of research on finding the one bed that meets everyone’s needs, and The Bed, By Thuma has a perfectly elevated, timeless design that's easy to assemble. While it seemed like the perfect bed, our editors needed honest opinions.

Three sets of couples gave this bed a try, and here’s what they loved most about The Bed.

The New Homeowners

Favorite Feature: Easy Assembly

Experience: We just bought our dream house, but neither my husband or I were thrilled about all the new furniture we had to put together. We spent the whole first week sprawled on the living room floor, trying to read through manuals, and keep all the screws and bolts in order. We definitely needed a new bed, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time putting together a complicated bed frame.

The Bed caught our eye immediately. Thanks to their Japanese joinery technique, The Bed is incredibly easy to assemble. Each rail locks into the adjacent rail at the leg – it’s that simple. We couldn’t believe it was that easy, we even timed ourselves and assembled it within 5 minutes! Plus, they deliver within 5-7 business days.

The Artsy Couple

Favorite Feature: Timeless Design

Experience: A lot of beds claim that they’re timeless, but after just a few years, their designs become obsolete. However, Thuma has achieved something remarkable. The Bed is designed with smooth, curved edges that fit perfectly into any room. Whether you like clean, crisp white sheets or love your colorful throws, this bed that comes in three shades: Natural, Walnut and the brand new Espresso. goes with it all.

The Bed is made with cushion-coated slats that ensure durability and noise reduction. Plus the wood is inherently unique and sturdy – it’s a high-quality bed frame that’s made to last, both in function and in style.

The Eco-conscious Couple

Favorite Features: Clutter-free environment

Experience: Our bedroom is where we spend a lot of time, but it’s incredibly cluttered. We have clothes lying around, books on the floor, and our bed is somewhere lost in the middle. We’re on a mission to declutter our room, and it starts with maximizing our space. The Bed has 9” of under-bed storage, which is perfect for our things.

What’s even better about The Bed is that the frame is made of real, upcycled rubberwood and there are no added veneers or MDF's. It’s also GREENGUARD Gold Certified. Plus, even their packaging comes in completely recyclable boxes, and there’s no styrofoam at all.

Final Thoughts

The Bed, By Thuma, is sleek and timeless and so easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s stunning, and its lifetime warranty makes it the perfect investment. No matter what stage of life you are in, this bed will change your life.

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