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EveryPlate — The Secret To Giving Me Back Enough Time In The Day

As someone deeply passionate about my fitness, my favourite way to unwind after work is going to the gym and hitting the treadmill or weights for a while. But I often face a tough choice: working out or taking the time to prep & cook dinner at home (not to mention the cleaning!).

Every evening becomes a trade-off between sitting down for a proper meal or getting to the gym. It was ironic — not to mention stressful — that choosing between these daily needs actually undermined the health goals I was so eager to achieve.

After a strenuous workout at the gym, I complained to my mates about the time-consuming process of meal preparation. Olivia recommended EveryPlate — a meal kit delivery service promising pre-portioned ingredients and simple recipes.

Initially, I was a bit sceptical about the cost. Something this convenient had to be pricey, right? Surprisingly, EveryPlate is insanely affordable, with meals starting at only $2.19 per serving, with a signup offer of up to $190 off across 6 boxes!

In need of a solution that could fit my busy lifestyle, I decided to give it a try - knowing that with their flexible plans, I could skip, opt-out, or pause anytime.

I signed up to get meals for two people, four nights a week. This meant I could cook dinner and have leftovers for lunch the next day. With over 27 different meal options each week, I got to enjoy recipes like Asian Sticky Chicken Tenders or BBQ Pulled Pork Rice Bowl, which helped me hit my goals each day. And everything is pre-portioned so no need to measure everything. My portions are always right, and there's less to clean up!

Let me say, I was surprised by how easy the meals are to cook. There are just four steps for every meal, which means minimal prep and almost no washing up, with no sacrifice on flavour. I started with a classic: Homestyle Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes plus Roasted Green Beans & Pan Sauce. I whipped it up in only 20 minutes, and it was great. I was thrilled that I had plenty of time for my evening gym sesh.

The best part? I’ve just about eliminated grocery shopping from my routine. EveryPlate delivers everything to my door — no more hunting for ingredients, and standing in long checkout lines. This frees up so much time for me to stay active.

Not only does the food taste great, but I no longer worry about unhealthy additives. EveryPlate ensures that all ingredients and produce are fresh and as visually appealing as it is tasty— a bonus!

Thank you, EveryPlate, for giving me back precious evening hours and staying organised on top of my week. This newfound time helps me stay committed to my daily workouts. Even better, I’m exploring new classes and activities like cycling, and HIIT that I previously couldn't fit into my schedule. I’m even training for my first half-marathon. And with my meal prep for the week sorted, I know EveryPlate will have a hand in getting me across the finish line!

Don't miss out, sign up for EveryPlate today and get up to $190 off across 6 boxes.