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EveryPlate Vs. Aldi — Which One Is More Affordable?

With prices rising everywhere, we’re constantly trying to find ways to help our readers cut costs. And believe it or not — food is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Eating out and ordering takeaway can get really costly. And so can groceries if you don’t plan and buy ingredients accordingly. How many times have you bought a whole bottle of soy sauce and only used 2 tablespoons? And then there’s the leftovers that are dumped every single week.

Someone might wonder if trendy meal kits, like EveryPlate, could be a smarter way to handle dinnertime. We compared the affordable meal kit to our go-to grocery store, Aldi. One stands out as a clear winner (no spoilers!).

With that being said… here’s our review:


Price: EveryPlate

Let's start by tackling the obvious question: Is EveryPlate more affordable than Aldi?

You might think that a meal kit service like EveryPlate would be way more expensive than shopping groceries yourself, but the opposite is true.

In fact, with Aldi, you're paying more, and you end up with a lot of wasted ingredients and packaging on top of it.

EveryPlate meals start at only $2.19 per plate! And you get a delicious, wholesome meal that are also kid-approved — like Malaysian Chicken Curry with Roasted Veggies or Indian-Style Beef Cottage Pie.

Convenience: Everyplate

With our busy lives, it’s almost impossible to find time to brainstorm recipes, shop for ingredients and cook nutritious meals. That’s why we often opt for expensive takeaway or greasy frozen food.

Families with kids in particular struggle to put a home-cooked meal together. That’s where EveryPlate can be really helpful.

They take all the hassle out of cooking. Simply select from 27 flavourful recipes each week and get everything you need delivered straight to your door. This saves you so much time and stress. Not to mention that most of the recipes can be cooked in only 20 minutes.

Less Food Waste: EveryPlate

When buying groceries from the supermarket you’re always forced to buy bulk packs. Whether it’s spices or herbs, and in some cases even veggies. This can get really frustrating because the leftover ingredients most likely go bad and end up in the rubbish.

With EveryPlate, you get only what you need, so there's nothing left over. No ingredients come in bulk packs and instead are tailored exactly to each meal and the certain number of people.

You simply get the right amount of packaged food, just as you need it for cooking the wholesome meal you selected.

And the Budget-Friendly Meal Oscar Goes To… EveryPlate

It goes without saying that EveryPlate is so much easier than shopping at Aldi 5 times a week, and more cost-effective. Some dinners are ready in 15 minutes — and you don’t need to brainstorm recipes or do a food shop. This saves you so much time.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to cook delicious homemade meals without the hassle, try EveryPlate!