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Even Bø's train station is beautiful, as seen in this postcard from the 50'shttps://digitaltmuseum.no

Pronounced "Boe", this quaint little Norwegian village is only 2 hours from Oslo by train, and boasts beautiful nature and comfortable accommodations. I fell in love with Bø while living in Norway for two years, and it quickly became my go-to spot for easy day hikes with friends or week-long backpacking trips followed by a glass of wine. Here are my top five recommendations for your trip to Bø i Telemark!

Stay in a Traditional Norwegian Cabin

Stay in this Norwegian Cabin, just a short walk from Downtown Bø i Telemark (link below)https://goo.gl/kaP3cX

Nestled below rolling hills, the village of Bø is peppered with picturesque Norwegian cabins built in the traditional style. Many have been remodeled with chic Scandinavian amenities and offer beautiful views of the valley below. Get a taste of farm life while living luxuriously, and find your accommodations on sites like AirBnB, or the Norwegian version of Craigslist, Finn.

Eat and drink at Den Gode Nabo

Bartender Anders mixes up cocktails for the evening @sezartheflamingo

Den Gode Nabo offers the best food in Bø! With traditional dishes featuring smoked salmon or modern twists like braised duck, you're sure to find something you'll like to accompany your glass of wine from The Nice Neighbor's robust drink list. In the summer their outdoor seating area is not to be missed, with a patio bar framing views of main street. Join them on Saturday nights and head downstairs to their basement club, Sub 70, boasting Scandinavian house beats and signature cocktails.

Hike Gygrestolen

View of the village of Bø from the top of Gygrestolenhttps://goo.gl/HBxoah

Looking for those sweeping Norwegian Vistas? Gygrestolen is your answer. Grab trail maps from the visitor information center on Main Street, and take the local bus to the trail head. Trails around Gygrestolen are well marked with signposts, and the area offers hikes ranging from just a few hours long, to tens of miles into the forest.

Ski or Mountain Bike Lifjell

Nordic skiing with a world-class viewvisitnorway.com

Above the village of Bø, you'll find the incredible mountains of Lifjell. In the winter months, Lifjell offers cross country skiing for every skill level on groomed tracks and off-trail paths.

Jumping for joy above Lifiellvisitnorway.com

In summer, hike or bike the same trails to see stunning views of Bø, and the surrounding area of Southern Norway.

Take a walk through town and visit The Old Church

A traditional Norwegian home, decorated by craftsmen with intricate wood carvings.

If you venture beyond the main street in Bø, you're sure to find some beautiful examples of traditional Norwegian wooden houses, complete with ornate wooden carvings. Take a walk around town, and stop by the " Bo Old Church." Built in the 1100's, Bo Old church (or, Bø kyrkje) is an incredible example of Norwegian stone construction in the Romanesque style. Stick around for a tour to see the choir loft from the Middle Ages.

The Old Chruch still stands, surrounded by gravestones https://goo.gl/VKa29M

Bø i Telemark is sure to offer an authentic Norwegian experience, and with its proximity to Oslo it's an easy-to-visit destination that you shouldn't miss!

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