Everything You Need To Know About FabKids

Dressing your kids is no easy task. They're outgrowing and losing their shoes left and right, and don't even get us started on finding clothing that your child actually likes. Parenting is extremely hectic (especially right now) and finding new kicks for your little ones may feel like a last priority.

That's why FabKids is on a mission to save you time, money, and sanity. FabKids sells trendy and affordable shoes and apparel for children through a unique membership program that allows parents to decide when they want to pay for their new selection of styles available each month. Their rotating offers are extremely generous and the program offers much more flexibility than most membership plans.

Still unsure about FabKids? No worries. We have all of your most pressing questions answered below.

What kind of items do they have?

Shoes are what FabKids is known for, and let's be honest, every great outfit starts with a cute pair of shoes. Their super cute and trendy selection includes boots, sneakers, slippers, and flats. There are also tons of different themes--skateboarding, trucks, princesses, dinosaurs, unicorns, and more! Shoes even come with side zippers or elasticated laces for easy wear. The best part? For a limited time only, FabKids is offering two pairs of shoes from $9.95 + free shipping. They have everything from cute shoes for holiday parties to cozy boots for nights spent roasting s'mores!

FabKids also offers fully styled outfits for a variety of occasions. More importantly, nearly all of the apparel and shoes offered are 100% unique designs that are designed by FabKids' team of in-house designers! Kids love the styles, allowing you to get ready each morning without the stress. Everything is also kid-tested and approved, so you can be confident your little ones will love it. Get your mom friends obsessed with these adorable, high-quality designs.

Do I have to make a purchase every month?

With the VIP Membership, you'll always get up to 40% off retail prices. However, what sets this membership apart from others is the ability to skip a month. If you happen to have a full closet one month, you can click "Skip" in your FabShop by the 5th of each month, and your credit card won't be charged the $39.95 monthly member credit. And what happens if you forget to skip? Don't worry! The $39.95 charge will go right into your account to use anytime-the member credits never expire. Not to mention, there are new clothing drops each month that are exclusive to members.

What's the age and size range?

FabKids offers trendy and affordable apparel in sizes T2-16 for both boys and girls. From infant to toddler, to mini-me-- FabKidscovers every stage of your child's early growth. For shoes, sizes start at a T5 for girls and T7 for boys and go up to a big kid size 5. There's also a comprehensive size chart that helps you figure out what sizes to purchase for your child based on their measurements and age.

Can you return items?

FabKids offers three easy and free return options if for whatever reason, you want to return an item. You can either receive FabKids membership/store credit, exchange it for another item, or return it for a full refund. Simply print your return label and return packing slip from FabKids website, re-package the item, and ship it out!

What's the quality like?

FabKids offers much higher quality apparel with much more exciting and kid-friendly designs when compared to other children's clothing brands. Their shoes are also very durable--with hard-wearing designs that are perfect for all seasons.

Everything is created to be mixed and matched and each garment makes it easy for kids to dress themselves. Every FabKids product is ready-to-play certified and is guaranteed to last a long time (hello hand-me-downs!).

If you're curious about FabKids, now is the perfect time to try it out. It's time to toss out those raggedy sneakers and stained hoodies, and stock up on an exciting and fresh wardrobe for the Fall. Re-invent your child's closet today with FabKids!

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