This Website Lets Your Child Pick Their Own Outfits!

My kids developed fashion opinions overnight.

They were happy for me to dress them in whatever clothes were clean and weather-appropriate. And then all of a sudden, my older daughter was making decisions and asking for a wardrobe makeover, and her younger sister immediately followed suit.

Am I proud they're being vocal about their clothing choices? Yes! Am I a tad annoyed that they're growing up so fast? Also yes. To be fair, we haven't gone shopping all year because of quarantine and they've both grown taller!

Of course, I thought about giving them new clothes for the holidays, but I wanted them to pick everything out themselves.

My older daughter, Cassie, has a school friend who I suspect is responsible for this change. Cassie kept talking about this pink fox shirt, so I reached out to the girl's mother to find out where to go.

I was surprised to hear the shirt's brand name: FabKids. Never even heard of it.

She told me that they're not set up like a normal online store. First, you become a VIP, and every month, you can pick out new items for extremely affordable prices. How's 2 pairs of shoes for $9.95!?!

Every month, you can put $39.95 towards new items, or if you don't want to shop, you can easily skip it or rack up member credits. She said the stuff was great quality and she was especially a fan of their shoe range.

Oh, it was the little sister brand of Fabletics! That made sense. I made an account to check it out, and the clothes were adorable. There are basics, but also plenty of patterns and animals and fun textures and prints. Both my kids would love this stuff.

I decided to become a VIP member. I printed out 2 copies of the page of FabKids' newest outfits and shoes, and put them in envelopes with bows - another gift for them to open for the holidays!

Every month, we'll set aside a little bit of time for them to each choose a pair of shoes or an outfit. That way, they get to wear whatever they want, they're not constantly begging for new clothes, and I know that they're getting good quality stuff.

Who knows what 2021 is going to look like, but a present, something new for them to open every month that they legitimately need? That's going to make everyone happy. It also can make recurring Zoom calls more exciting; new shirts, new excitement and conversations.

Now, I just hope they don't fight over the same outfits!

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